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Our Team.

Group picture LIT Sustainable Transformation Management Lab LIT Sustainable Transformation Management Lab from left to right: Thomas Gegenhuber, Laura Dobusch, Jana Wagner, Laura Thäter, Claudia Scheba, Moritz König

University Professor

Name Room DW E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Thomas Gegenhuber OIC Ground Floor 9365 thomas.gegenhuber(at)jku.at

Scientific Staff

Name Room DW E-Mail
Dr. Laura Dobusch OIC Ground Floor   laura.dobusch(at)jku.at
Laura Thäter, BA MSc  OIC Ground Floor 9366 laura.thäter(at)jku.at

Lab Management

Name Room DW E-Mail
Claudia Scheba, BA MSc OIC Ground Floor 9360 claudia.scheba(at)jku.at
Cornelia Strasser, BSc OIC Ground Floor 9367 cornelia.strasser(at)jku.at

Student Assistants

Name Room E-Mail
Valentin Weibold OIC Ground Floor valentin.weibold@jku.at
Moritz König OIC Ground Floor  moritz.koenig(at)jku.at
Leonie Sauer OIC Ground Floor leonie.sauer(at)jku.at 

Project Staff

Name Room E-Mail
Mag. Nina Füreder OIC Ground Floor nina.fuereder@jku.at