Linz Institute of Technology.

Modern engineering at the Johannes Kepler University is more than just engineering. Renowned for its engineering skills, the JKU's reputation of tradition, technological creativity and accomplishment goes beyond Austria's borders.

The Linz Institute of Technology, or simply LIT for short, brings these ideals together, becoming the place where tradition meets the future. By enabling researchers from across disciplines and faculties to network in their areas of expertise and compete for research funding, LIT enhances opportunities to bring cutting-edge research to the marketplace. Many internationally active companies are involved, providing their support as cooperation partners in order to drive research of tomorrow.

Responsible Technology.

This is the best way to summarize LIT's visionary approach to technology as the research conducted here follows an encompassing holistic approach. It's not just about technical innovation, but also scientifically debating the social, economic, health and legal aspects as well as the impact, outcomes, and consequences. This requires both core skills and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Linz Institute
of Technology

LIT Office


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
A-4040 Linz, Austria


Schloss, Ground Floor, Room S0004



The LIT was created as an interdisciplinary institute. As part of a matrix structure, LIT provides a professional setting to give researchers from different technological institutes and faculties a unique opportunity to work together. Calls for proposals to acquire research funding stimulate high quality, interdisciplinary research in various fields of technology. Excellence and performance-based financing define LIT's value system.

Organisational structure of Linz Institute of Technology

Core Areas at LIT.


At LIT, students study with some of Austria's best researchers and focus on topics of the future such as Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-Physical Systems, the Circular Economy, and Digital Transformation.


In addition to project-oriented funding via LIT Calls, a permanent research center called "The LIT Research Labs" will be created at the Linz Institute of Technology and will focus on selected topics.

LIT Open Innovation Center.

When it opens its doors, this is where cross-disciplinary scientists and faculty members will work alongside company representatives to not only share their expertise and resources, but also create successful synergies.