A Campaign for the Linz Institute of Technology

The diversity of over 70 academic degree programs offered at the JKU means we have to strategically address brand positioning. By creating a comprehensive campaign to advertise STEM degree programs (mathematics, computer science, engineering and natural sciences) under the brand name of the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT), the cornerstone was laid for the university's brand strategy. The JKU 'umbrella' consists of several schools, including LIT, and has been designed to attract the target group to apply for one of our degree programs.

Campaign Goals

  • Long-term increase in the number of newly enrolled student in STEM programs
  • Clear positioning of degree programs in engineering & natural sciences under the LIT brand
  • Break down reservations/inhibitions about studying engineering and natural sciences through gender-sensitive communications
  • Position LIT as a top research location with high-quality faculty members

Those who study at LIT can shape the future for the day after the day after tomorrow. We show our diverse degree programs and their future prospects with the help of futuristic occupations that do not yet even exist.

Cinemagraphs & Jobs for the Day After The Day After Tomorrow.

In order to reach our core target group (17-23 year olds), Cinemagraphs - a combination of motion and still images currently popular with the target group on social media - were developed. The models were almost exclusively JKU students and the photoshooting sessions took place directly on the campus. All of the special effects (aside from the fire in the chemistry ad and the soap bubble in the mathematics ad) were created analogously, as can be seen in the "Making of" video.

Authentic Impressions of Degree Programs

The cinemagraphs were designed to attract attention and make you want to experience exciting things that are happening at LIT. Student testimonial videos focus on real students and faculty members to provide an authentic impression of on-campus life and learning. We want to break down inhibitions, highlight our outstanding faculty-student ratio, and all against the backdrop of the JKU's inspiring campus environment.

Support Provided by the Upper Austrian Government

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Upper Austrian government. This campaign would have not been possible without their unwavering support.


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