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Better Recycling.

From Plastic Waste to Frisbee - Better Recycling.

Turning your old discarded plastic bottle caps into a frisbee! The Johannes Kepler University supports eco-friendly sustainability and to raise awareness, the JKU is collecting plastic bottle caps. Give us your bottle caps, and the LIT Factory will turn your plastic waste into a cool frisbee. You can buy the frisbees at the JKU Merchandise Shop in the Kepler Hall.

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Plastic is versatile

We know one thing for sure: discarded plastics don't belong in the sea or in our environment. However, fewer seem to realize that plastics are incredibly versatile. Once we distinguish between the different types of plastic, it would be easier to recycle the 0.92 million tons of plastic waste that accumulates annually in Austria. And that would really be benefit the environment!

What can I do?

The best kind of trash is no trash at all but we all know that isn't realistic.  Here's how you can avidly support our recycling efforts:

  • Remove things like labels
  • Avoid cosmetic products, especially those containing microplastics
  • Crush plastic bottles before recycling
  • When shopping, consider the benefit of buying recycled products
  • Above all: place the item in its designated collection container!

The Ideal Plastic Waste Recycling System

The following image illustrates plastic waste recycling - from production, to the consumer, and then recycled. All of the steps play an important role, especially the part where you as a consumer help make sure that plastic waste becomes reusable again! We need to be better though - and create a system that is even more energy efficient, can reduce greenhouse gases, and keep plastic waste from contaminating our environment.

Interested in learning why plastic recycling is so important and how it works? Then watch this video, opens an external URL in a new window.

No reason to be alarmed about plastic!

Even if we have to take action now, don't worry - plastics are an integral part of our lives. We do have the power, however, to keep them from contaminating our oceans and the environment. Our JKU researchers are working hard on the issue, using everything at their disposal (no pun intended!).


Did you know that ...

... the EU's plastics strategy includes a policy to reach a 50% recycling rate by 2030?
... in 2015, 78% of Austria's plastic waste was incinerated, 21% was recycled and 1% was disposed of in landfills?
... Vienna already has its own PET bottle collection stations?