The LIT Open Innovation Center Community.

The LIT Open Innovation Center (OIC) is a place of knowledge transfer and collaboration to develop new technologies.

Researchers, industrial experts, and interest group representatives come together at over 240 open-space workstations to focus on finding new solutions as well as actively shaping advancements and studying their impact on society.

The OIC serves as a platform to connect people in the community by, for example, organizing networking events and providing low-threshold access to current research and research findings.

In addition to interdisciplinary LIT Research Labs and the JKU Clean Room, our open space is also home to numerous SMEs, companies and some start-up companies.

Scientific Partners - JKU LIT Labs and Institutes

LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab


LIT Robopsychology Lab


LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab


Christian Doppler Labor for
Model Integrated Smart Production

CD Lab

Company Partners - Companies and Network Parters

Board Service Center at ACG Research, Ltd.

To date, there has been no academic/scientific institution continuously monitoring corporate governance activities in the Austrian capital market, meaning there is very little academically prepared evidence about current corporate governance practices. When it comes to individual implementation at companies, there is insufficient benchmarking with regard to corporate governance. The Board Service Center addresses this significant gap in the Austrian market and aims to provide valuable support to professionalize supervisory board activities.


datavisyn Ltd.

datavisyn develops interactive visual analytics solutions for complex application areas. As a JKU spin-off company, we collaborate with the Harvard Med School and the University of Utah to bring cutting-edge visual data science methods and algorithms to industrial applications. Our systems are currently used by large pharmaceutical companies (Bayer & Boehringer Ingelheim) to search large and complex amounts of data for targets for tomorrow's drugs.


Dynatrace is global market leader in software intelligence. Founded in Linz, Austria in 2005, we have grown from a small start-up company to one of the fastest growing SaaS companies on the planet. Our product – a multi-cloud observability solution – assists over 2,300 customers from around the world to accelerate their digital transformation by monitoring, optimizing and scaling any application in any cloud. This ultimately helps millions of people on a daily basis in areas such as banking transactions, while traveling, shopping, and in the healthcare sector.

Erema Ltd.

EREMA is a global leader in developing and producing recycling machines for plastics and system components. The EREMA Group consists of PURE LOOP, 3S, UMAC and PLASMAC. Established in 1983 as an industry pioneer, over 6000 of our systems are now in use around the world and highly regarded for their innovation, robustness, and operational reliability.

Greiner Technology and Innovation Ltd.

Greiner is a 100% family-owned company founded in Germany in 1868 and subsequently in Austria in 1899. The group of companies focuses on product and market diversification, forming a strong basis for continual growth. Under the umbrella brand of Greiner AG, Greiner consists of four operative divisions (Greiner Packaging, GreinerBio-One, Greiner Foam, Greiner Extrusion). Together, the divisional companies operate in over 130 locations (production and sales facilities) around the globe. Greiner Technology & Innovation searches for new ideas, identifies forward-thinking, innovative technologies, evaluates their suitability and checks the economic implementation. In this way, GTI opens up new opportunities in future business areas for Greiner.


HOSS Mobility Ltd.

We create mobility technologies designed to make life for people with disabilities easier. Our innovative drive concept allows us to create a mobility device that is up to meeting any challenge. Our customers have a product at their disposal that combines maneuverability characteristics and off-road capabilities like nothing currently on the market.

K1 Center Chemical Systems Engineering (CHASE)

With locations in Linz and Vienna, the new K1 Competence Center CHASE (Chemical Systems Engineering) is under the leadership of the Johannes Kepler University and part of the LIT Factory. As a unique center consisting of a consortium that includes over 20 internationally successful partners in industry and academia, CHASE is involved in projects that include efficiently using plastic waste streams and developing new sensors to better control chemical plants. Our contributions are invaluable when it comes to improving sustainable industrial processes as well as a valuable contributions to safeguarding chemical and process technologies in Austria.

KTM Innovation Ltd.

KTM Innovation Ltd. is a central contact point and sparring partner for digital transformation and applying innovative methods as part of the KTM group (Pierer Mobility AG). The company focuses on developing new products, services, and new business models for vehicle digital ecosystems. Open Innovation is a key tool to support future development as it allows us to test, evaluate and apply new technologies - on purpose and outside of our own comfort zone - with a fresh perspective and a high degree of freedom. When it comes to developing future solutions, we bring start-up companies, technological experts, and external partners and collaborate by using our stakeholders' existing potential and synergies.

Leistritz Extrusionstechnik Ltd.

Leistritz Extrusionstechnik Ltd. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of twin screw extruders and systems. We offer a proven product portfolio by continually innovating machines and process engineering as well as listening closely to the needs of our users - be it for the plastics sector or life science/pharma industries.

We have a global presence with branches in the USA, China and Singapore, sales offices in Italy and France, and agents in all key markets. Our customers benefit from short lines of communication and trustworthy, professional collaboration.

Reqpool Ltd.

ReqPOOL is an independent consulting company focusing on digitization. As an independent specialist for software strategy, software purchasing, and software innovation, ReqPOOL provides consulting services for clients during the most important phases of technological transformation. Our goal is a high success rate in support of software projects at the companies and organizations we consult at. We work together with the client to define the software and discover the best implementer to ensure a successful software project. Our services result in software that contributes significantly and sustainably to our customers' business success. Created in Austria, the ReqPOOL Group includes subsidiaries 'innovation concept Ltd.' and 'IT Sparrow UG'. Since 2001, ReqPOOL has been active in German-speaking Europe, providing consultation services for international companies as well as mid-sized companies.

RISC Software Ltd.

Established in 1992, Prof. Bruno Buchberger created RISC Software Ltd. to support business development by conducting research and development. Core competencies lie in the unique use of symbolic computing, mathematics and informatics as part of business areas to support logistics informatics, industrial software applications, medical informatics and the competence areas of data management and analytics to find and develop real-world software solutions. 80% of the company is owned by the Johannes Kepler University Linz while Upper Austrian Research Ltd (a leading research company in Upper Austria) owns 20%.


Silicon Austria Labs Ltd.

Unfold the future. Open space for innovation. Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) is Austria's leading research center for electronics-based systems (EBS). This application-oriented center for future-oriented research in systems integration, sensor systems, RF systems, and power electronics has three collaborative research centers located in Graz, Linz and Villach. We conduct world-class scientific and industrial research, laying the foundation for groundbreaking products and processes. SAL aims to increase Austria's international impact and visibility in the field of microelectronics and electronics-based systems, making it an attractive and leading location. SAL researches key enabling technologies for edge computing in applications including industrial IOT, autonomous vehicles and systems, smart devices, and smart homes.

Software Competence Center Hagenberg Ltd.

The Software Competence Center Hagenberg Ltd. (SCCH) is an application-oriented research institute focusing on AI-driven software systems and engineering. As a COMET competence center, SCCH collaborates with a number of companies and academic/scientific partners, bringing the most recent research findings in software and data science to industry. Outside of COMET, SCCH is also actively involved in other funded research projects in Austria and abroad as well as in contract projects for companies. SCCH also pursues academic networking with universities and research institutions. Being located at the LIT-OIC will further strengthen collaboration with its main scientific and academic partner, the JKU.

tech2b Inkubator Ltd.

Tech2b provides support services to accelerate development at innovative, technology-oriented start-ups. As part of the tech2b program (AplusB), we apply structured and targeted methods to help develop business ideas and implement them on the market. Tech2b provides support services ranging from strategic consulting and mentoring to creating an infrastructure and extensive network to financially support implementing research findings for new products, services and companies. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk directly with us in person at the OIC!


TECHHOUSE is an innovation and networking center bringing various digital ecosystem stakeholders - including academic institutions, start-ups, businesses, venture capitalists, and experienced industry experts and technologists - together.

Economic Chamber of Upper Austria

The Economic Chamber and TIM provide support and consulting services for entrepreneurs to draft, plan and implement (technological) projects from the beginning to the end. We consider ourselves to be your sparring partner, applying our practice-oriented, uncomplicated methods to budding entrepreneuers along with broad access to a technological, entrepreneurial, support and expert network.