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Name Position Room Extension
Mag. René Voglmayr OIC Manager OIC EG 3365
Elisabeth Ulbrich, MA MSc OIC Academic Assistance OIC EG 3046
Florian Krennmayr Project Manager OIC EG 3724
Christine Berger Project Manager OIC EG 3047

Ownership Structure

The object of the GmbH is the construction and leasing of one or more university buildings on the JKU property site, as well as acquiring and utilizing real estate or property-like rights (such as building law) and executing all other auxiliary and ancillary transactions in connection with the object of the GmbH, but to the exclusion of all banking transactions subject to the provisions of the Banking Act.


OIC Ltd.


Trabrennstraße 2c
1020 Vienna

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Company Shares

  • 50 % JKU Betriebs- und Vermietungs- GmbH (100 % property of the JKU)
  • 50 % Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H


Name Room Extension E-Mail Address
Mag. René Voglmayr OIC EG 3365
Dr. Katharina Kohlmaier