Mission Statement & History.

Created in 2016 as an interdisciplinary university institute at the JKU to pool and coordinate cross-faculty tasks as part of JKU's involvement in pedagogical education, the Linz School of Education is mainly responsible for:


Coordinating and advancing the JKU's involvement in new pedagogical and educational programs. Coordinating a graduate degree in School Management in collaboration with experts at the JKU as well as with other partners in Upper Austria. Be involved in "Cluster Mitte" (universities, teacher education colleges, school practice) and make educational, scientific and didactic contributions to other degree programs offered at the JKU as well as offer continual education programs, evaluate the new teacher education program.


Conduct educational and didactic research on issues pertaining to teacher education studies, learning and classroom teaching as well as education and conditions on an international level, providing support to young scholars in the doctorate degree programs.

Information and External Image

Provide coordinated student information and public relation services in regard to research and teaching at the JKU, particularly in the field of education and educational research.