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Linz Center for Education in Mathematics (LZDM).

The Linz Center for Education in Mathematics is a collaboration between the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the University of Teacher Education in Upper Austria, and the Private University of Education at the Diocese of Linz.

In the field of education in mathematics, we aim to intensify the exchange of subject-specific and subject education information and, within the cooperation effort, raise subject-specific and education expertise in teaching development in mathematics at all types of schools and grade levels throughout Upper Austria and eventually throughout all of Austria.

We focus on the following main goals:

  • Development in research and teaching in the field of education in mathematics with a focus on open educational resources, the use of technology in the classroom, as well as communities of practice
  • The continual development of education and continual education for mathematics teachers at all types of schools in Upper Austria, in particular with regard to a joint teacher education programs in the future