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LIT Artificial Intelligence Lab
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About the LIT AI Lab.

Our Goals, Mission, and Team: Learn More About Us.

Created in 2017 as a permanent research institution, the LIT AI Lab began with three seed groups conducting core AI research:

  • Deep Learning (Sepp Hochreiter)
  • Logical Reasoning (Martina Seidl, former head: Armin Biere)
  • Computational Perception (Gerhard Widmer)

and three additional research groups:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences (Günter Klambauer)
  • Human-centered AI (Markus Schedl)
  • Computational Data Analytics (Johannes Fürnkranz)

The expertise in these six groups is now complemented by

  • Pervasive Computing (Alois Ferscha)
  • Software Engineering (Alexander Egyed)
  • Symbolic Computing (Manuel Kauers)

at our Graduate School of Artifical Intelligence. The doctoral program benefits from the synergies in these nine groups, focusing on interdisciplinary research to advance AI. In order to broaden the application areas of our AI research at the LIT AI Lab, we collaborate closely with other JKU institutes that conduct related research as well as with international companies.

Gerhard Widmer, Sepp Hochreiter, Armin Biere Gerhard Widmer, Sepp Hochreiter, Armin Biere ©Martin Stöbich