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Sustainable Transformation Dialogues: Maria Mayrhofer on the possibility of social movements to influence transformation processes. 

How do social movements influence transformation processes? To answer this question, Maria Mayrhofer, Executive Director of the civil society campaign organization #aufstehn, was a guest at the Sustainable Transformation Dialogues. 

Screenshot Online Presentation of the NGO aufstehn

The Austrian NGO #aufstehn campaigns for climate protection, social justice, and fair business practices.  With digital-based campaigns, #aufstehn aims to create change in these areas. Topics of current interest are prepared in line with scientific findings and are published via the website, newsletter, and social media channels of #aufstehn. The non-profit organization relies on a growing community of committed activists. Through clear communication, aufstehn.at tries to activate a growing number of people for socio-political issues. 
In her presentation, Maria Mayrhofer pointed out the example of the Schweighofer Group. In cooperation with other organizations, #aufstehn was able to collect more than 200,000 signatures and thus achieved that the Schweighofer Group, which destroyed the habitat of protected bears in Romania, had its FSC seal revoked.

In addition to its own campaigns, the civil society association uses the petition platform https://mein.aufstehn.at to support people who themselves want to actively bring about changes or improvements in their environment. Here, for example, Gerd Estermann has started a petition to stop the construction of ski lifts on the pristine mountain landscape of the Feldringer Böden and Schafjoch in Tyrol. Together with #aufstehn and over 17,900 declarations of support, the construction of three ski lifts was prevented and the local recreation area was preserved in its original form. 


NEWS 14.01.2022

LIT Sustainable Transformation Management Lab