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More with less — how do we master the increasing complexity of production systems?

Industry faces major challenges as product lifecycles shorten, product variability increases, and global markets become more volatile. To remain competitive, production facilities and equipment must be adaptable to respond quickly and efficiently to these changes.

A key success factor in achieving these goals is the control and automation infrastructure. New distributed architectures are a possible approach to address these requirements. New interaction and communication patterns as well as new ways of programming automation systems consisting of networked control units are required.

Mastering variability and complexity in cyber-physical production systems also requires new software engineering methods and tools, particularly for variability modeling and product configuration as well as to support maintenance and evolution.



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News & Events
News 10.06.2021

CD Lab Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony of the Christian Doppler Lab Mastering Variability in Software-intensive Cyber-physical Production Systems (VaSiCS)

News 17.05.2021

Started the JKU/Dynatrace Co-Innovation Lab

New collaboration.

News 15.03.2021

Anniversary: Three years LIT CPS Lab.

The LIT | CPS Lab celebrates its third anniversary.

News 22.12.2020

VaMoS 2021 Conference for Variability Modelling of Software-Intensive Systems

Congratulations to our colleagues for two accepted papers!