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Do you want to improve your user experience too? - Publication @ MODELS’21

Users are accustomed to a variety of utile features in textual editing that also benefits graphical modeling tools, such as efficient auto-completion,…


#litCPSlab rules ETFA 2021: Our publications.

This year, LIT CPS Lab has 7 accepted publications at ETFA 2021. Our topics focus around Information Technology in Automation and Automated…

[Translate to Englisch:] LIT CPS Lab group picture during the hike.

Our team event: Großraming

#litCPSlab grows fast: 20 joined our exciting team event to Großraming.

LIT CPS Lab is watching the presentations of colleagues

First CPS Lab Workshop!

Exchanging information.


A week of publication successes.

Upcoming publications of the LIT CPS Lab

Three members of LIT CPS Lab show their medals from the run

LIT CPS Lab running fast!

Virtual Pride Day Run '21


CD Lab Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony of the Christian Doppler Lab Mastering Variability in Software-intensive Cyber-physical Production Systems (VaSiCS)


Started the JKU/Dynatrace Co-Innovation Lab

New collaboration.

[Translate to Englisch:]

Anniversary: Three years LIT CPS Lab.

The LIT | CPS Lab celebrates its third anniversary.