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LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab
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Anniversary: Three years LIT CPS Lab.

The LIT | CPS Lab celebrates its third anniversary.

During the pandemic, the coffee breaks look different than usual.

Our LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab was founded 3 years ago. Initially a one-man show and housed in Science Park 3, our team has since grown to 20 employees and moved to the LIT Open Innovation Center. 

In the three years, we acquired several third-party funded projects: in the Horizon 2020 project 1-SWARM we work on a framework for the standardized development of cyber-physical systems of systems. BrAIN is a nationally funded project in which we can deepen our research in the field of communication in brownfield production systems. In the coming years, we will continue our research in the Christian Doppler Laboratory VaSiCS (Mastering Variability in Software-Intensive Cyber-physical Production Systems) together with our industry partner Primetals Technologies. In the Co-Innovation Lab, jointly funded by JKU and Dynatrace, we perform collaborative research in areas such as Software Engineering, AI and Data Science. These projects are supplemented by several direct collaborations with industry partners.

In the last three years, we have made significant contributions to conferences and journals with our research in the field of development methods for control systems of production plants and the control of variability and complexity in cyber-physical production systems. We are particularly pleased that the work of our colleague Bianca Wiesmayr on the topic of Distributed implementation of Grafcets through IEC 61499 was awarded the Best Paper Award at ETFA 2020. The work was conducted in cooperation with the Universitat Jaume I (UJI). We also cooperate with several other universities and research centers worldwide.

Apart from research, we try to not let the current challenges of everyday life take the best away from us. Even if most of our team is currently working from home, we try to exchange ideas regularly and not neglect the fun. Be it during a virtual coffee break together or online game nights. 

We look forward to the coming years!