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Inaugural lecture of Prof. Zoitl

Prof. Alois Zoitl held his inaugural lecture in the Unicenter. He gave an insight to his research topics in the area of distributed control systems.

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In his talk Distributed Control Architectures for Adaptive Production Systems, the public was informed about the new professorship at the LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab. This lab was founded in March 2018, when Prof. Zoitl started as a professor at Johannes Kepler University. Inaugural lectures are a popular tradition at the university where a wider audience gets to know new researchers and their interests. After each lecture, guests are able to exchange ideas while enjoying a buffet.

You can find here the abstract of the talk:

Manufacturing companies continue to face major challenges such as shortened product life-cycles, increased product variability and global markets that are becoming progressively more volatile. In order to remain competitive, production equipment and production facilities need to be more adaptable, allowing for quick and efficient adjustment to these changes. Over the past few years, attempts in these directions have been compiled under the term Industry 4.0. Control equipment is a key factor to successfully achieve these goals. New, distributed architectures are considered to be a potential approach to master the new requirements. However, these changes require new interaction and communication patterns as well as new ways to control devices and programming systems built from networked control devices. This presentation will introduce initial findings on how to attain this kind of flexibility while simultaneous keeping the complexity in these architectures under control.