LIT CPS Lab running fast!

Virtual Pride Day Run '21

Three members of LIT CPS Lab show their medals from the run

Three members of our lab participated in the Virtual Pride Day Run 10k  on June 5th/6th 2021 and finished with awesome results!

  • Rick Rabiser finished in 00:38:24 as 2nd of the overall and 1st of the men's ranking.
  • Ernst Blecha finished in 00:54:03 as 65th of the overall and 42nd of the men's ranking.
  • Lisa Sonnleithner finished in 01:01:29 as 162nd of the overall and 58th of the women's ranking.

Kudos to our fast researchers!

If you too want to become part of a team that is about more than just work, check out our open positions here!

NEWS 22.06.2021