Recent publications

Several contributions from LIT CPS Lab were accepted for conferences that outline our recent research.

A paper co-authored by Prof. Rabiser and Prof. Zoitl entitled "Towards Mastering Variability in Software-Intensive Cyber-Physical Production Systems" has been accepted at the International Conference on Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing akzeptiert. In this paper, they outline challenges and research goals with regard to modeling and mining variability in CPPS, semantic integration, product configuration and roundtrip engineering.

Congratulations to Kevin Feichtinger for the accepted article at the conference SEAA2020 "Variability Model Transformations: Towards Unifying Variability Modeling" co-authored with Prof. Rabiser. They describe their vision of an approach that can transform between variability models of different types.

Currently, the International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA) 2020 is held in Vienna. Thanks to the hybrid organization, our team can be present at the conference - while presenters from all over the world present online. Have a look at our papers:

  • Bianca Wiesmayr, Alois Zoitl: Requirements for dynamic interface models of IEC 61499 Function Blocks - PDF
  • Lisa Sonnleithner, Alois Zoitl: Software Measures for IEC 61499 Basic Function Blocks - PDF
  • Virendra Ashiwal, Matthias Konnerth, Alois Zoitl: A Service Bus Concept for Modular and Adaptable PLC-Software - PDF
  • Muddasir Shakil, Alois Zoitl: Towards a modular architecture for industrial HMI - PDF
NEWS 11.09.2020