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EU Project 1-SWARM

Horzion 2020 Project

A framework to standardise the design of cyber-physical systems of systems

1-SWARM is a Horizon 2020 Project with partners from several European countries.


The project contents is (see Website, opens an external URL in a new window):

"Cyber-physical systems-of-systems (CPSoS) are networks that interconnect cyber-physical systems and people. The focus is on increasing the intelligence of cyber-physical systems at the edge of the networks, so that they show cognitive behaviour and have a high degree of autonomy. The EU-funded 1-SWARM project aims to develop a modular framework for designing robust CPSoS networks characterised by swarm intelligence that meet industrially accepted open standards. Dubbed the 'Swarm Intelligence DevOps Framework', it will aid researchers to engineer CPSoS for diverse scenarios: food packaging and material handling operations, automated guided vehicles in dynamic environments, and flocks of aerial drones used to monitor retail shops."

A key success factor in achieving the goals of this project is the control and automation infrastructure. New distributed architectures are a possible approach to address these requirements. New interaction and communication patterns as well as new ways of programming automation systems consisting of networked control units are required.

Our contribution:

Therefore, our main contributions to the project are the evaluation of the feasibility of a choreography pattern for IEC 61499 control software and the demonstration of the interoperability of different IEC 61499 devices. As a scientific partner, we are also responsible for dissemination activities. 


Cyber-Physical Systems for Engineering and Production


Johannes Kepler University Linz
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz

Project Lead

Prof. Dr. Alois Zoitl


+43 732 2468 9480