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LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab
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Research Topics.

LIT CPS Lab contributes to three main research areas.

The research topics focus on engineering control software, managing its variability and networked production. 

Software engineering methods for the control level of production plants and machines

  • Modularization, decoupling, reusability
  • Service orientation (orchestration, choreographies)
  • Which languages (IEC 61131-3, IEC 61499, ...) to use and to further develop
  • Quality assurance (testing, formal methods, ...) and development processes
  • Use and networking of engineering data from other engineering disciplines
    • Handling variability of different engineering disciplines    
    • Consistency checks between engineering data of different disciplines
    • Derivation of requirements, tests, ...
    • Generating code, simulations, configurations, ...

New Software Engineering Methods and Tools for Mastering Variability and Complexity in Cyber-physical (Production) Systems

  • Variability modeling and variant management
  • Product derivation and configuration
  • Software maintenance and evolution
  • Software monitoring
  • Usability of engineering tools

Networking in production and machines

  • Data acquisition and preparation, "Supervisory Control"
  • Implementing real-time service-oriented architectures
  • Technologies:
    • OPC UA: Information Modeling, VDMA Standards, Use of Methods and Programs, Pub/Sub
    • Time Sensitive Networking (TSN): Properties, possibilities, configuration and areas of application