We offer numerous thesis topics for students of 

  • Computer Science 
  • Electronics / IT 
  • Mechatronics
  • Artificial Intelligence

Are you interested? We are open anytime for an informal meeting! Knowledge about production automation is not a pre-requisite.

Bachelor's and Master's Theses

Bachelor's and Master's theses are assigned directly, we are however also available to supervise relevant theses in cooperation with companies. For us, interesting topics in the field of production automation include (incomplete):

  • Development of demonstrators for research and public with Lego Mindstorms (EV3)
  • PLC programming with IEC 61499
  • Communication via OPC UA
  • Modeling automation software
  • Further development of our open source tool Eclipse 4diac (Java, C++)
  • Graphical input options for Eclipse 4diac
  • Versioning of automation software
  • and much more!

We are furthermore interested in topics in the area of software engineering, e.g.,

  • Variability Modeling and Product Configuration
  • Software and Systems Product Line Engineering
  • Requirements and Software Monitoring
  • Usability of (Software) Engineering Tools
  • Software Evolution
  • DOPLER and REMINDS Tools

We are open to suggestions for topics, but are also ready to develop a topic together with you. For this purpose, we will identify your interests and suggest theses topics based on them.

Further Open Thesis Topics:

For our IDE Eclipse 4diac, we need an algorithm for routing the lines of a graphical diagram. Please see the PDF for further information.