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LIT Factory
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International Collaboration.

European Lightweight Cluster Alliance

ELCA (European Lightweight Cluster Alliance) is a collaborative initiative aimed at accelerating ways to adopt lightweight materials and apply them to strategic industries. While mobility is the alliances’ primary focus, applications in other lightweight-related sectors include energy, healthcare, defense, and construction. The alliance has created an inclusive, unique business framework designed to explore lightweight-driven market opportunities. Members of established industrial and research institutions can collaborate in order to facilitate activities aimed at putting lightweight technologies into practice.

The LIT Factory is a founding member of the elca network with the objective to shape and develop the network by contributing to its engineering and organizational progression. Our group coordinates the LIT Factory’s Working Group 2 (Characterization of Modelling) and projects active membership in WG 6 (Scarp Separation & Recycling) as part of the outlined strategic goals.