About us.

LIT Factory =

  • an Austrian testing Pilot Plant for Smart Process Engineering and Production (I4.0)
  • A major project funded by Austria (Austrian State Ministry, State of Upper Austria, City of Linz, partner companies)
  • A department at the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) at the Johannes Kepler University of Linz (JKU)
  • An open cluster for Research, Development, Education, Training, Demonstrations and Innovation
LIT Factory Network Architecture

LIT Factory = A High-Tech Research Platform and Center of Excellence in Product and Production Research to

  • ... educate, explore and demonstrate potential technological advancements in digitization for smart cross-industry products and processes
  • disseminate and diffuse technology
  • reinforce existing strengths
  • transfer research findings into innovative products
  • shorten the ‘time-to-market’ period
  • collaborate with industrial companies and SMEs
  • create smart benefits for partner companies, mankind, the environment and the economy.


Smart processing technologies for the entire value network:

  • digitizing companies
  • raw material manufacturers
  • plastics machinery manufacturers
  • plastics processors and converters
  • OEMs and end customers
  • smart cross-industry products, such as:
  • lightweight constructions for green-mobility
  • circular and plastic recycling economy
  • composite technologies for durable building construction
  • agile exoskeletons, eLegs and eArms for humanitarian objectives