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Smart Engineering.

The main activity of the smart system engineering lab (SSEL) is the adaptation and implementation of various modules of the methodology “Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)”.

These modules involve both physical model based and data science based modeling and simulations tools for descriptive, predictive and perspective simulation models.

The physical models are constructed along the engineering molecular dynamics – processing – micromechanics – macroscopic component performance and life time/reliability assessment simulation models and are specifically developed and implemented in use cases.

The AI based modeling tools provide an alternative option to the design concept “design WITH materials” combined “design THE materials”.

In order to support a fully digitized virtual product development these modelling and simulation tools are implemented into a Product Life cycle Management (PLM) software tool.

To support the advance of sustainable development by proper digitization, quantitative life cycle analysis (LCA) models have been elaborated of in various software tools and are combined with above engineering tools within a comprehensive PLM environment.

The SSE group is supported by selected software partners. The software solutions of the main partner Siemens Software GmbH (Siemens Austria is a distinguished partner of the LIT Factory) are completed with specific tools of other software producers (Abaqus (Dessault Systems, provided by PRIMEaerostructures (Klosteneubutg, A)); Digimat, eXstream engineering (Hexagon); J-OCTA and J-composites (J-SOL) and Moldex 3D (CoreTech) for material, process and component simulations.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Zoltan Major, opens an external URL in a new window knows more about Smart Engineering