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Good-Bye 2021 - Hello 2022

What a year! Even though we had work a lot from home on account of the Coronavirus pandemic, we still had opportunities to come together and get to know new, exciting members and learn more about promising new collaborations.

2021 was...well, a little crazy. There were many times some people had the huge open space office area to themselves. In this regard, we truly appreciated the times when working felt "normal", when we could share new ideas and hash them out together at events in the Forum, when new residents moved in, and when we simply played soccer together in the sun. We look to forward to 2022, come what may!




New Collaboration at the OIC

The year kicked-off with the arrival of Dynatrace, opens an external URL in a new window. Andreas Hametner and his team have 24 workspaces at the OIC, making them one of the largest residences. Dynatrace works together with JKU Linz at a brand-new co-innovation lab, opens an external URL in a new window. Scientists at the LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Labs work together with company employees to address business research issues in the fields of software engineering, artificial intelligence and data science.

The Co-Innovation Lab The Dynatrace/JKU Co-Innovation Lab

The OIC's New Office Pet, Spot!

The Linz-based start-up company qapture, opens an external URL in a new window builds digital twins of rooms, industrial facilities and production sites. Robot dog "Spot" was built by Boston Dynamics and helps with surveying tasks as well as accessing areas that are difficult for humans to get to.


Rector Meinrad Lukas took Spot for a walk, opens an external URL in a new window around Linz, attracting a lot of attention and bystander reaction!

qapture together with Spot Dominic Koll und Daniel Höller together with Spot

Events! Finally!

Back in the fall, the OIC hosted various events, including events designed to turn students into entrepreneurs, facilitate discussions to support a new approach education, and talk about how research can sustainably improve the world.


  • Symposium Universitas: Digital technologies to support research, higher education, and knowledge transfer - What kind of potential is there and what are challenges? How can young people get a head start to prepare for the world of tomorrow and the challenges that lie ahead? This symposium addressed digital technologies and how they impact society, particularly with regard to university education and research
  • Economic Chamber of Upper Austria | JKU Open Innovation - New Ideas for Practitioners:, opens an external URL in a new window Presentations, talks and discussions with experts focused on the latest developments in the fields of robot psychology, the circular economy, and logistics. Entrepreneurs were able to speak directly with experts and researchers to learn about practical applications. Click here to watch the video!, opens an external URL in a new window
  • Founders.Week: 14 JKU students in a variety of majors spent five days working with experts and mentors in various fields to develop their business ideas. Once again, the spectrum of ideas was broad, ranging from application apps and water purification in Africa to distributing local food products and 'school for life'.

A Rapidly Growing Entrepreneural Community

The OIC is not only popular with JKU students, start-up companies such as qapture, opens an external URL in a new window, hoss mobility , opens an external URL in a new windowand FiveSquare, opens an external URL in a new window along with spin-off companies based on research conducted at the JKU, such as Sendance, opens an external URL in a new window and Plastic Innovation Ltd., opens an external URL in a new window love working at the OIC!


The OIC is also pleased to welcome a new start-up company, myregionalfood, opens an external URL in a new window.  Niklas Reisner and Nico Reindl give local farms an opportunity to sell their food products easily in the form of all-in-one farm stores.

Spin-off company ambassador Clemens Zillner, opens an external URL in a new window has been on-site at the OIC since September 2021 to provide first-hand assistance in helping to form new companies based on research and science conducted at the JKU.

Sendance Sendance uses sensor technology to improve prosthetic limbs myregionalfood myregionalfood


Bringing Peoples & Ideas Together

The OIC is a place that breaks with conventional office structures, providing (work) spaces for those who not only like to think outside-of-the-box, but who also like to passionately create solutions and work in a collaborative way. Community events offer opportunities to meet co-workers over coffee and croissants, learn about the latest technological developments, explore the relationship between art and science, or take part in an exclusive guided tour of the Ars Electronica Festival. And sometimes we just play a round of poker together. :-)

From Plastic Waste to Frisbee - A Program to Support Better Recycling.

This program focused on turning old, discarded plastic bottle caps into a frisbee! In support of eco-friendly sustainability and to raise awareness about the use of plastics, the Johannes Kepler University collected old bottle caps during the first half of 2021.


The bottle caps were delivered to the OIC's LIT Factory, opens an external URL in a new window where they were ground down into a granulates. Scientists used injection moulding tools to transform the granulates into frisbees.


Elisabeth Sestili Top collector Elisabeth Sestili