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LIT Open Innovation Center
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Mission Statement.

The LIT Open Innovation Center (LIT OIC) is a place where science, academia, and business join forces.

The LIT OIC is a knowledge transfer center, home to the JKU's research alliance, industrial companies, interest groups, and businesses. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary working groups conduct technological research but at the same time, the LIT OIC provides small and medium-sized companies with low-threshold access to university expertise. The LIT OIC has created structures designed to bridge the gap between the worlds of business, academia, and science.

The open office environment gives the community creative space to collaborate. The LIT OIC is home to research labs and academic institutes at the JKU, as well as corporate companies, SMEs, start-up companies, and spin-off companies that include such as Dynatrace, voestalpine, and K-Business.com, as well as interest groups, such as the Economic Chamber. In addition, professional management and a visionary series of events. such as the LIT Lecture Series, community mornings, and Transfer Days, ensure an inspiring exchange of information

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Collaboration at the LIT OIC

In an effort to develop ideas to address the future, an increasingly number businesses and industry are turning to the JKU to create collaborative joint research teams. As rigid corporate structures rarely permit any kind of disruptive innovation - if any at all - here at the OIC, so-called Innovation Labs and Open Think-Tanks not only support this kind of collaboration, but encourage it as well. This is one of the many reasons why the LIT OIC focuses primarily on creating new collaboration formats at the crossroads between science & academia and business.

The LIT Factory is an enclosed 4.0 pilot factory that serves as a cross-institutional collaboration center to support research and development. The competence center, CHASE, opens an external URL in a new window, is also located here, an all-encompassing research center bringing 14 research institutions and 20 companies together. Together, they conduct research to improve sustainable industrial processes along the entire value chain.

An additional partnership includes creating the Co-Innovation Lab together with Dynatrace, opens an external URL in a new window, giving JKU scientists, researchers and scholars opportunities to address research issues together with Dynatrace employees.

„The Co-Innovation Lab is a unique opportunity to create a new category of transdisciplinary, scientific and academic research between the university and industries.“
Univ. Prof. Rick Rabiser, head of the LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab
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