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OIC Help.

Information about your workspace at the LIT Open Innovation Center (LIT OIC) is available here.

If you have any questions about IT services or need to report an issuethe building, please use the folloing hotline numbers. If you have any suggestions or requests, please contact us.

If you are experiencing IT issues, please call the IM Hotline:

+43 732 2468 1111


If you have any questions about the building, please call the Facilities Management:

+43 732 2468 9999

PLEASE NOTE: We have simplified the booking system:


  1.     Check room availability (see link list below)
  2.     Create a new appointment in your e-mail application
  3.     Add the room's e-mail address (oic_raumname@jku.at) in the appointment as a recipient
  4.     Select the date and time, and click on "Send".
  5.     You will receive confirmation by e-mail

Book meeting rooms using GroupWise, G-mail, Outlook, and all other major e-mail applications. Only OIC tenants are authorized to book.

A map of the LIT OIC with the meeting rooms is available here, opens a file. Meeting rooms can only be booked up to three months in advance.


Ground Floor Meeting Rooms

Upper Level Meeting Rooms:


Please note: You can only book a room using a registered e-mail address. If there are problems with booking with series appointments, please delete the appointment series and send it again.


We want to help you get off to a good start and have summarized the initial steps as a guide. Click here to access the "Erste Schritte", opens a file guide.

1. Sign Up to Become a Member

Sign up for membership at the LIT Open Innovation Center by filling out the corresponding form, opens a file. Once you have completed the form, please send it to: oic(at)jku.at.

2. Activate Your AK Number 

Once you have received your AK number (JKU user name) and your activation code by e-mail, activate your JKU account at: account.jku.at, opens an external URL in a new window and create a personal JKU password. Once your information is in the system, you will receive confirmation by e-mail containing your personal identification ("AK") number.


3. Getting Your JKU PartnerCard

You will receive an e-mail containing information on how to get your JKU PartnerCard. Follow the instructions in the message and send the requested information together with a photo (max. 5 MB) to: meinepartnerkarte(at)jku.at. Your JKU PartnerCard provides you with 24/7 access to the LIT Open Innovation Center and to the JKU parking lot.

4. Sign Up for OIC Onboarding

As part of a guided tour during our OIC Onboarding sessions, we provide important information about your LIT OIC workspace, our policies and Code of Conduct, and opportunities to get to know our community. You will also receive your personal JKU PartnerCard.

OIC onboarding sessions take place twice a month. Onboarding session dates are available upon request or online. Sign up for the next OIC Onboarding session by sending an e-mail to: oic(at)jku.at.



We hope you enjoyed your time with us! We'll stay in touch and the OIC's doors are always open to you! If you or one of your employees leaves the OIC, please:

  •    let us know as soon as possible
  •    return the access card to the Info Desk
  •    let us know if you are interested in remaining in the OIC's info channels

Do I have to do anything special if I have guests?

Your company's guests and visitors are very welcome to stop by. Please tell your guests and visitors to meet you at the Info Desk located on the first floor as we prefer to avoid having those not affiliated with the OIC wandering around the building.

First Aid Kit at the Info Desk

The building's First Aid kit is located at the Info Desk (ground floor). There is another first-aid kit in the JKU Clean Room.

Fire Extinguishers at the LIT OIC

The LIT OIC is protected by a sprinkler system, however fire extinguishers are also located at important areas in the building, in accordance with regulations. (OIC Forum, Clean Room, Info Desk at the main entrance etc.).

In the event of fire or smoke, please notify the fire department (dial 112) and OIC management.

The LIT OIC "Assembly Point" is located behind the TNF tower.

Please observe the fire safety regulations, opens an external URL and the corresponding exits and escape routes.


The LIT OIC Safety Officer

Albin Schwarz is the LIT OIC's safety representative and fire safety officer. Please contact Mr. Schwarz if you have any questions regarding personal safety at your LIT OIC workspace (particularly at the LIT Factory and in the JKU clean room).

You can contact Mr. Schwarz by calling: 0732 2468 9550, or sending an e-mail to: albin.schwarz(at)jku.at.



In general, each workspace includes one so-called Flight Case (small boxes).

These Flight Cases can be locked by using the combination lock. Click here, opens a file download the instruction manual to program the code.

If you forget your code, we can use a key to open the box.

Activate IT services and set your password at: https://account.jku.at/sspr/public/, opens an external URL


Information about how to use the Eduroam network at the JKU:

  1. Use your AK number and password to log in at: https://account.jku.at/sspr/public/, opens an external URL
  2. Click on "Edit Account" and create an Eduroam password (memorize the displayed number!)
  3. Log in to the Eduroam network using your user name: ak1234567(at)jku.at (enter your personal AK number)

Password: Eduroam password


Information about installing campus Wifi ("eduroam") is available at: https://help.jku.at/im/jku-account/eduroam-account, opens an external URL


Network outlets at the OIC: Each workspace has two network cables. Log in using your AK number and password.


If you experience any problems, please call the hotline at: +43 732 2468 1111!


WiFi Access for Guests

You can request WiFi access for guests at any time - it's fast and easy!

If you need to request WiFi access for a larger number of guests (at an event, for example), please let us know a minimum of one week in advance. WiFi access for larger events is subject to a (total) fee of € 35.


Regulations to Use the JKU's IT Services

Point 5 in the JKU's Operating and User Regulations at the Central IT Service (ZID) includes all of the user's rights and responsibilities.

Download the ZID Operating and User Regulations, opens a file

The meeting rooms Wall-E (upper floor) and Erde (lower floor) as well as one of the telephone booths located on each of the upper and lower floors contain JKU-connected telephones. You may make internal calls at the JKU using these phones and external calls using Cisco Jabber. Incoming calls are permitted and calls can be transferred or re-directed to these phones.


Instructions to use Cisco Jabber on all available operating systems (Windows/MacOS/Android/IOS) as well as links to use the required VPN connection are available at:

https://help.jku.at/display/IMKB/Cisco+Jabber, opens an external URL


Instructions to personalize Cisco phones (i.e. enable call forwarding, etc.) is available at:

https://help.jku.at/display/IMKB/Festnetztelefonie, opens an external URL


Conference phones are also available in two of the meeting rooms and calls will be billed to the institute or company


To use a conference phone, activate it using your AK number (just once). Submit a request to: servicedesk(at)jku.at. Once activated, you will receive a PIN number. Any charges will be billed via the AK number (or to the institute/company).

  1. Under the menu item "Applications", select Item 5 "Log in/Log out" using the arrow keys.
  2. In the User field, enter your AK number (ak123456) using the number and letter field.
  3. Then enter the personal PIN number and press "Send". Once the phone has been assigned to your number, you can use the phone to make internal and external calls.
  4. Please do not forget to log out!


We offer gourmet coffee by Kurt Traxl at a daily flat rate of € 1. We also offer a monthly flat rate of € 12. Please pay via NFC payment via SumUp.

Gourmet coffee by Dallmayr is complimentary.



The Portafilter Machine

How to make coffee:

  1. Remove the portafilter from the anchor and gently tap out any old coffee grounds; rinse portafilter (press the star button).
  2. At the mill, select your grind preference (color coded: for espresso, green portafilter and green grind, for double espresso, yellow portafilter, etc.)
  3. The coffee beens are ground directly into the portafilter (the red button is press/release).
  4. Use the tamper to press the ground coffee straight and evenly into the portafilter.
  5. Clamp the portafilter to machine, press the button, and enjoy your coffee! (You can leave the portafilter in the fixture)


Instructions to foam milk:

  1. Das Kännchen bis zum unteren Rand der Ausguss-Tülle mit Milch füllen.
  2. Turn the steam tap on until only steam comes out. Position the jug under the steam lance and dip the lance into the milk at a 45° angle. Mix the air in until the milk volume has increased by about half.
  3. Hold the jug from the bottom and once the temperature reaches 60 degrees, stop, or your hand will get too hot (and so will the milk). Stop foaming or the milk will burn.
  4. Turn the steam off, tap, and wipe it off using a damp cloth.
  5. Enjoy your latte!



Refrigerators located in the basement kitchen contain a variety of beverages, including various brands of cola, juice, mineral water, and Makava. Dispose empty glass bottles in the boxes next to the refrigerators. You can pay for these beverages directly using SumUp.

If there is a certain beverage you would like that we don't have, just let us know by sending an e-mail to: oic(at)jku.at and we'll see what we can do!



keg off the gas so that the beer doesn't go flat on us. Pay by NFC using SumUp. A small beer is € 1.50; a large beer is € 2.00.



We recommend eating lunch at the university cafeteria, the JKU "Mensa". The weekly menu is available at the Info Desk or online, opens an external URL.

If you find walking over to the JKU cafeteria is too far, you can also have lunch at the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde ("KHG-Mensa") cafeteria. Click here to view the current menu, opens an external URL!


Spar: The "Snack-Away" App

Spar's "Snack-away" app lets you put together your own choice of food and set a pick-up time as well. Spar also offers various soups and warm or cold meals for lunch.


Food & Drinks at the JKU

The JKU website, opens an external URL has more information!

Canon copiers are available on both the upper and lower floors at the OIC to print, make copies (black & white, or color), and scan documents.


Using Copiers

  1. Use your JKU PartnerCard to access and use the copiers. Using your credit card or instant bank transfer, upload money to your JKU PartnerCard here: https://kopieren.jku.at/budgetrecharge/index.php?cat=budget, opens an external URL
  2. You can also apply to purchase a company copy card. Please send an e-mail to: kopierstelle(at)jku.at. Once approved, we will then get the copy cards for you. The copy card will be charged via JKU Financial Accounting. To activate, place the copy card on the Canon printer and type the card number in.


Install the corresponding driver to send documents to the printer using your card. Step-by-step instructions and the download link for different operating systems is available here: https://help.jku.at/im/de/drucken/kopiergeraete-am-campus, opens an external URL


Prices for companies:

A4 B/W: €0.072
A4 Color: €0.26
A3 B/W: €0.072
A3 Color: €0.264

Scan: €0.022

A map containing an overview of the LIT Open Innovation Center is available here., opens a file

  • Please use the kitchen waste separation system.
  • Use the wastepaper baskets under the tables for paper waste only.
  • Glass disposal is located at the main OIC kitchen (first floor) only!
  • There is a trash room for paper and cardboard on the second floor at the OIC.
  • Old batteries can be deposited in a collection box located at JKU In-House services.
  • Please leave all of the meeting rooms in exactly the same condition you would want to find them in yourself. Thank you!

Your JKU PartnerCard allows you to access the LIT Open Innovation Center building 24/7.


Our Service Desk is open as follows:

Monday-Thursday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.

To access flat-rate parking services offered by the Service Center at the Department of Facilities Management (Kopfgeb. building, first floor, Rm: KG0102; P: +43 732 2468 9999), please activate your JKU PartnerCard.

Parking Fees – Day Rate: Those holding a JKU PartnerCard can park in the open parking lots at a daily rate of € 3.20 per day and € 4.60 per day at the Science Park underground parking garage. Pay at the ticket machine; you do  No additional activation is required.

Order exit tickets for guests in advance by contacting the Info Point at the Kepler Hall JKU.info(at)jku.at (there are special conditions for OIC members: € 2.42).

Flat-rate parking fees: If you plan to park more frequently or regularly at the JKU, you can purchase a parking permit. Complete a form at the Service Center (Facilities Management located in the Kopfgebäude bldg, first floor). Parking fees for permits are based on salary and can range between €71.50 to €165 per semester; you will need to provide proof of salary unless you are in the highest earning category (last price update: April 2023)

Company/institute parking spaces: You can apply for allocated company/institute spaces for use by you or your employees. Please contact us by sending an e-mail to: oic(at)jku.at

If you have any questions regarding parking, please call: +43 732 2468 9999.

Mailboxes are located at the Info Desk. Upon request, each institute and/or company can request a mailbox. Internal mail usually arrives every day at approximately 10:00 AM. Letters can be sent by place your mail in the the "Outgoing Mail" box. Postage is charged internally using the company customer number.

Packages can be left at the Info Desk.

We aim to create and maintain a constructive and creative - but also relaxed and harmonious - work environment. The outlined rules and regulations serve to respect the individual freedoms and personal interests of residents at the LIT Open Innovation Center, as well as any visitors and guests.


1.      Be Responsible. Be Respectful.

"When in the OIC, treat others the way you would like to be treated." While the Open Innovation Center (OIC) was designed to facilitate knowledge transfer and cooperation, the key to pursuing professional objectives is finding the right balance between the need to focus and opportunities for communication. Exercise consideration toward others by respecting one another’s privacy as well as their workspace and personal space.


2.      Keep Noise and Distractions to a Minimum!

Be mindful of your noise level. We ask that you take longer phone calls, particularly personal calls, to one of the available soundproof telephone booths or to a vacant meeting room. To avoid disturbing others working in the OIC building, please use small conference rooms for confidential conversations and meetings.


3.      Stick to the Schedule!

Meeting rooms are to be booked on a principle of fair-use and open accessibility. We ask that you, for example, try and avoid consistently blocking the use of a particular room.


4.      Let Us Know!

If you are coordinating a special event or meeting, such as a larger meeting with partners, we kindly ask that you notify OIC management in advance.


5.      Don’t be Mean - Keep it Clean!

Keep conference and meeting rooms clean after use, especially for those scheduled to use the room next. Please place used dishes in the kitchen-area dishwashers.


6.      Photography Restrictions

If you take photos of others at the LIT OIC, please make sure to obtain that individual’s consent. In general, the occupant and their employees located at the LIT OIC building are responsible for ensuring compliance with corresponding copyright and data privacy regulations.  

We would like to once again reiterate that taking photos of machines and equipment located in the LIT Factory is prohibited for (patent) legal reasons and to protect company trade secrets. 


7.      Safeguard Valuables!

You are personally responsible for safeguarding your valuables, such as laptops, confidential documents, etc. Each workspace comes with a so-called ‘flight case’ that can be locked. Please keep any valuables and documents in this flight case. OIC Ltd. assumes no liability for stolen valuables and documents.


8.      Maintain Confidentiality!

The LIT OIC is a place of open exchange and open communication. Partnerships between different companies and/or institutes makes it necessary to create a common basis of trust and meet a certain level of confidentiality.

We would like to point out that protecting sensitive, internal information and internal company data is a priority. As part of the open-plan concept at the LIT OIC building, occupants' are responsible for obtaining corresponding employee agreements requiring them to keep information and/or documents, records, and other papers – particularly in regard to production development, trade secrets, technical information (confidential information) as well as personal information - confidential.

Corresponding regulations as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation and the Austrian Data Protection Act are to be ensured and adhered to by means of corresponding technical and organizational measures.

In this regard, the OIC Ltdf. recommends keeping confidential documents, papers, and any other important papers stored and locked away in the flight cases. OIC Ltd. assumes no liability for stolen records, documents, or other papers.


9.      Violating Rules

If the rules and regulations are violated repeatedly, the OIC Ltd. will take any necessary action.


JKU University Rules & Regulations

The JKU's University Rules & Regulations apply to all of the land, buildings, rooms, and other resources that the JKU makes available for use.

Download the JKU's Rules & Regulations, opens a file


Regulations to Use the JKU's IT Services

Point 5 in the JKU's Operating and User Regulations at the Central IT Service (ZID) includes all of the user's rights and responsibilities.

Download the ZID Operating and User Regulations, opens a file



There are lockers for general use located in basement at the LIT Open Innovation Center, in the men's and women's coat area. The system to program codes for these lockers is the same as to program a code for the flight cases.


If you would like to use a locker, please let us know by sending an email to: oic(at)jku.at or come see us in person!

Information for Hybrid Meetings

  1. Turn on the lights (switches are located near the doors)
  2. Touch the desktop in the lower area
  3. Start the system (for presentations = PROJECTOR ON, otherwise AUDIO ONLY)
  4. Plug in the corresponding adapter (HDMI, VGA, display port, etc.)
  5. Plug the HDMI cable in from the bottom using the USB Capture (available at the OIC Info Desk)
  6. Plug the suitable adapter in to conduct the presentation
  7. If using VGA, don’t forget to use the audio cable
  8. Open the online meeting
  9. Select the USB port as source for audio and video
  10. You should see the OIC desktop screen, use audio from microphones
  11. There is another control on the right wall to switch the microphone on/off – check to see if it is on and working



Detailed Explanation

1.    Turn the lights on (the switches are located near all of the doors)
2.    Touch the desktop in the lower area
3.    Start the system (for presentations = PROJECTOR ON, otherwise AUDIO ONLY)
4.    Plug in the corresponding adapter (HDMI, VGA, display port, etc.)
5.    If using VGA, do not forget to use the audio cable
6.    The menu is located on the left side (OUTPUT):
       a.    Muting: the current slide will be displayed and not your current screen
       b.    Record: Use to record events, presentations, etc.
              i.    Start recording: Recording is started
              ii.   Stop recording: Recording is stopped
              iii.    Pause recording: Recording is paused
              iv.    Picture-in-Picture: There are 5 pre-settings
                     1.    PiP small camera: a picture of the camera is located in the top right corner
                     2.    PiP large camera: a picture of the camera is in the center
                     3.    Full screen camera: only a picture of the camera is in the center
                     4.    Full screen PC: On the source image will be displayed
                     5.   Side-by-side: The screen is split into two equal sections
             v.    Camera: There are 4 pre-settings for different camera angles
                    1.    Lectern: Only the table and speaker’s desk can be seen
                    2.    Second Lectern: only the bottom floor can be seen
                    3.    Table: half of the room can be seen
                    4.    Room: the entire room can be seen
      c.    Stream: Use for streaming events, presentations, etc.
             i.    Start Streaming: Streaming begins
             ii.   Stop Streaming: Streaming is stopped
             iii.  The same modes are described under “Record”
7.    The menu is located on the bottom (INPUT): The source used for the presentation should be automatically selected
       a.    VGA
       b.    HDMI
       c.    Wall
       d.    Audio: Adjust volume and mute/unmute sources
              i.    Hand 1, Hand 2, Head 1, Head 2 (microphones at the OIC desk)
              ii.    Player (input source audio)
                    1.    Louder (top)
                    2.    Softer (bottom)
                    3.    Mute (crossed out in red)
                    4.    Unmuted (crossed out in black)

8.   Switch the system off

If you need assistance or more information, contact the:

Service Desk (IM): +43 732 2468 1111

The OIC Forum can seat approx. 200, and the OIC seminar room on the upper floor can seat approx. 25 persons. Those at the LIT OIC - as well as external persons/companies - can book these rooms for use.

If you would like to book a room, please complete this form, opens a file and send it by e-mail to:oic@jku.at


Fees (for 2024):

  •     Seminar room: Fee: € 400 per day, excl. VAT
  •     Forum: Fee: € 1,230 per day, excl. VAT

OIC members are eligible for 20% discount on the fees as listed above. External indiividuals/companies,meaning those not registered at the OIC, are subject to the full fee.

If you are interested in organizing catering services for your event, please contact the JKU Mensa by sending an e-mail to: tl.linz(at)mensen.at  


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