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LIT Open Innovation Center
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A Wood Building for Communication and Innovation

Using prefabricated wood elements and completed in just 435 days back in June of 2019, the 8,000 m2 wood building was designed to house research and development at the JKU.

Designed by architect Peter Riepl, the LIT Open Innovation Center, sits southwest of the JKU campus, adjacent to the TNF Tower. In 2022, the LIT OIC building was presented with the 2022 Wood Construction Award, opens an external URL in a new window. Created as an interdisciplinary research center, the building includes an Industry 4.0 pilot factory, the LIT Factory. The building consists of prefabricated wood elements constructed atop on a concrete base. Starting on the first floor, the building is constructed of wood and only the staircases are made of reinforced concrete. The façade features stained wood lamellas designed to protect the large glass front from the heat and sun. The LIT OIC building is powered by solar energy via a photovoltaic system located on the roof. 

The building's large-scale glazing provides transparency both inside and out as well as a visual link between the workplace and the factory floor. The atmosphere is open, creating a unique indoor ambience that reflects the building's spirit and essence. At the same time, the open space supports communication and discussion for those working at the OIC, be it in academia, science, or industry. In addition to the ecologically-friendly construction and a progressive energy concept, the LIT OIC has quickly become integrated on campus as a new place to support interdisciplinary collaboration with industry as well as professional connections.

The Building - Facts & Figures

2,700 m² of roof elements
2,900 m² of wooden ceiling
2,500 m² of wall elements
10,600 m3 of excavated soil
2,975 m3 of reinforced concrete
360 m³ of glued wood
84 construction meetings
435 days of construction time
1 monumental opening ceremony

The Slide at the LIT Open Innovation Center

The mail chute at the LIT Open Innovation Center originates from Österreichische Post AG's disused mail and package distribution center at Linz Central Station, formerly known as "Post City". The station processed up to 10,000 packages a day. Regulations to loosen Austria's postal market and increasing digitalization ultimately made the chute obsolete. However, the mail chute was given a new purpose when it was converted into a slide for the LIT OIC building. The slide is a symbol of technological change and innovation at the LIT Open Innovation Center.



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