The OIC is Turning 2!

Since the impressive grand opening of the LIT Open Innovation Center in June 2019 as a new platform to support communication and knowledge transfer at the JKU, the world has continued to change and evolve at a rapid pace - and so have we!

The past two years could not have been more different! Despite the coronavirus pandemic, our community at the LIT Open Innovation Center can celebrate amazing accomplishments and success, even during turbulent and challenging times. At the same time, the LIT OIC is playing a key role to help advance the JKU's economic ecosystem and establish a new culture focused on how to content with research, knowledge transfer, and innovation.

As our objectives include stimulating new ideas and products to help us face the complexity of today's challenges, we feel it is essential to look beyond the limits of one's own area of discipline. We want to anchor transdisciplinary ideas and subject areas in a sustainable way here at the JKU. And as it's just not enough to just bring art and science together, we aim to support and kick-start approaches, methods, and processes that can incorporate social perspectives into the scientific process.

Facts & Figures

17 companies, SMEs, and start-ups at the OIC
8 academic and scientific partner institutions
333 community members
330 events at the OIC

Last update: June 2021

Space for Events and Communication

While the initial phase was marked by developing and creating an internal structure, by September 2019, we began drafting concrete ideas as to how to best use the OIC Forum to hold events, get-togethers, symposia, and conferences, as well as game nights and sofa concerts; in other words, events that would support networking and communication. The over 330 different events at the LIT OIC - some held online during the lockdown - also include the following formats:


[Translate to Englisch:] Platz für Events und Austausch

Space to Collaborate

The LIT Factory

Located adjancent to the Open Space, the LIT Factory, serves as a cross-institutional hub to support research & development. The Factory is home to, for example, the CHASE Competence Center, an interdisciplinary research center bringing 14 research institutions and 20 companies together to conduct joint research on how to improve sustainable industrial processes along the entire value chain.

The CHASE Team LIT Factory

The Co-Innovation Lab

Over the years, there have been many successful collaboration efforts at the OIC, the most recent being the creation of the Co-Innovation Lab together with Dynatrace. Scientists at the LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Labs work together with company employees to address research questions in the areas of software engineering, artificial intelligence, and data science.

The Co-Innovation Lab The Co-Innovation Lab between Dynatrace and the JKU

The Christian Doppler Labor VaSiCS

The Christian Doppler Lab VaSiCS (Mastering Variability in Software-Intensive Cyber-Physical Production Systems) is now located at the LIT Open Innovation Center. Together with business partner Primetals Technologies, the LIT Cyber-Physical Systems Lab was awarded a Christian Doppler Laboratory grant endowed with € 2.37 million. The lab will run to 2028.

The CPS Lab Team The CDL VaSiCS team

Additional collaborative programs at the LIT Lab include:


Space for Start-Up and Spin-Off Companies at the OIC

Now located at the LIT Open Innovation Center, "Ideation Space" - supported by the JKU Entrepreneur.Base - serves as a creative workshop area, thus anchoring the field of entrepreneurship at the OIC. The open space is available to not only develop creative ideas, consult with others, network, and build an entrepreneurial community, but also to hold workshops and meetings. In addition to JKU student start-up companies such as qapture and hoss mobility, spin-off companies, such as datavisyn and Sendance, and externally created companies, such as Forpet, have discovered that the OIC provides a unique environment capable of boostering and fostering their respective visions and company objectives.


The qapture Team Dominic Koll and Daniel Höller from the start-up company, qapture

Space for Open Innovation in Science

The new Open Innovation in Science Lab supports transdisciplinary collaboration by enabling experimentation focused on open innovative methods in science. Discourse focuses on the population and its needs, particularly in lieu of technological future trends. In order to shape a future and the socially corresponding innovations that we want, we need input and various perspectives by those who have different backgrounds and disciplines.

The renowned Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft (LBG) is a strategic partner and the OIC provides the perfect breeding ground to support a growing network.

[Translate to Englisch:] Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft

Space for Art & Science

The manifesto "Innovation through Universitas" (2019) marked the beginning of an alliance between the Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Together, both institutions are working on shaping a sustainable scientific culture and create projects that bring art and science together, thus creating something radically new."

New prototype ways of university-level education and research are currently being tested as part of the TRANSFORM project.




[Translate to Englisch:] Robots talking to me Robots Talking To Me / LIT Robopsychology Lab, Johannes Kepler University

Launched in 2020, the Special LIT Ars Electronica Call invites JKU academics and scientists to combine their research with an artistic approach and present their results during the festival. During 2020, three OIC teams were able to qualify for the call and implement their project ideas:


  • LIT Digital Government in a Box” (2020) by the LIT Law Lab on the topic of modes of action, potential and limits in digitalizing public administration procedures and assisting a digital 'office of the future' that relies on artificial intelligence, autonomization, and data linking. See the video.
  • "AI Truth Machine“ (2020) by the LIT Law Lab by the LIT Law Lab to address the opportunities and challenges of finding truth by using an AI-powered machine. Click here to learn more.
  • Titled "Robots Talking to Me", the JKU Linz LIT Robopsychology Lab presented several interactive research-based installations focused on future human-machine relationships, inviting the audience to actively take part. Click here to learn more.

We wish our community continued success!


OIC Highlights

Our residents' accomplishments and highlights between June 2019 and June 2021: