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Art & Science at the JKU.

In all areas of endeavor, creativity comes about by bringing together what usually is held apart.
(Taylor, Mark C., 2010)

Creativity serves as a driving transformative force in support of radically new things and is a key incentive in artistic and scientific discovery. Creativity facilitates uncovering, visualizing and creating new contexts. As the current challenges we face become increasingly complex - particularly in the areas of social and digital transformation - the ability to come up with new ideas and move away from the so-called 'beaten path' is more important than ever before. One has to step back and examine problems in their entirety from a multidimensional perspective; the way we handle and approach one disciplinary area is not enough.

We need both science and art - not just the one or the other. But above all, we need the mutual interactions and synergies they bring with each other. Issues we face today urgently need a more transdisciplinary perspective as well as integrative research across subject areas, disciplinary boundaries, and research that takes social developments into account. In regard to a more future-oriented outlook on "Responsible Technology", pursuing these goals is key when it comes to research and development.

Initiated in 2019, the Alliance for Creative Innovation between Johannes Kepler University Linz and the University of Applied Arts Vienna became a starting point as well as a declaration to bridge the gap between art and science, shaping cutting-edge education while simultaneously initiating a trend reversal when it comes to research and development.

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Transformation Studies.
Art x Science

The new interdisciplinary Bachelor and PhD program at the JKU and at the Angewandte.
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Innovation through Universitas

Creative Innovation Alliance

Art & Science @ the JKU.

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Education & Research


New Directions in Research & University Education
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Our Partners.

Knowledge / Transfer / Center West.

Transferring technologies to open up new knowledge horizons.
JKU x Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica Festival.

The acclaimed festival at the JKU.
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Art x Science International

Network with European partner institutions & take part in EIT Culture & Creativity


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