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Space for Art and Science.

In an effort to facilitate synergy between science and art, we need to create space that supports the mutual exchange of ideas and creative experimentation. We aim to create these points of contact by supporting, creating, and expanding on different projects and ideas together with representatives from the scientific and artistic communities.


LIT-Ars Projects

As a JKU employee or student, you have a unique opportunity to make your research more visible! Submit your project proposal to the Ars Electronica Festival and get ready to wow an international audience! Past projects give you an idea of what you could potentially do, too!


[Translate to Englisch:] Frau blickt durch Auge

Circus of Knowledge

The Circus of Knowledge is all about open dialog and knowledge transfer between academia, science, and society and is developments and advancements. By means of art, the Circus aims to attract people from different age groups to engage and address scientific and academic topics as well as actively take part and be involved in collaborative artistic projects.


Childrem Theater Performance ©Nick Mangafas


Points of interaction in scientific and artistic practices; inspiration and a change of perspective have made these projects possible.


[Translate to Englisch:] Gesicht ©Not allowed for algorithmic audience by Kyriaki Goni; Photo: Tom Mesic