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New Directions in Research and University Education.

And the most elevated of all human capacities is the one that may be the most elusive and difficult to define and therefore is trickiest to teach. This is humanity's unique talent for creativity.
(Joseph E. Aoun, 2017)

In an age of digital transformation, work done by humans is being redefined as automation and mechanization increases. Simply assuming the focus is primarily on conveying technical expertise falls short of the mark. In addition to acquiring in-depth expertise and a broad understanding, training creative, social and communicative skills is key to ensuring knowledge can not only be applied to different situations, but can also enable us to solve complex problems. Young people need tools to be able to act in a networked, rapidly changing world as well as to actively shape their world and  initiate positive changes. In this regard, universities have a responsibility to explore new avenues of university education and research. A creative environment is needed in order to master the complex and potentially crisis-prone challenges of our time. This requires a strong union between art, science, and academia.

Initial prototype approaches will be a part of the "TRANSFORM - Digital and Social Transformation via New Paths in Research and University Education" program and together with the Vienna University of Applied Arts and the Danube University Krems, we aim to explore and test new paths and approaches when it comes to conducting research and transforming university education. The core of the project includes developing future-oriented, transdisciplinary, and inter-university innovative teaching forms and formats.

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TRANSFORM will take place between January 2020 and December 2024 with funding generously provided by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science & Research as part of the call "Digital and Social Transformation in Higher Education".


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TRANSFORM in Education

Current Courses & Calls


September 8 - 9, 2021 / JKU, Linz
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The Art of Transformation
October 27 - 29, 2021 @ Vienna, AIL
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