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Frequently Asked Questions.

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from new and potential members. If you need more detailed information, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to: oic(at)jku.at.


First thing's first:

The term "co-working" is used when people come together in a neutral space to work independently on different projects. This is a relatively new form of working together. Start-up companies, EPUs, larger companies and - as at the OIC - university institutes, use a large, common open space referred to as the 'co-working space'. Members can take advantage of the synergies in this space to not only implement joint projects, but also work independently.

In addition to the workspaces, the LIT Open Innovation Center also provides its members with all of the required infrastructure, such as meeting rooms, WiFi services, and printers.

Our daily activities are based on the five co-working values:

  • Collaboration – by supporting each other, helping each other, and encouraging new initiatives in a targeted way.
  • Openness – we are open and receptive to ideas and interacting with each other
  • Sustainability – by sharing resources
  • Community – we foster a sense of community, offering active spaces and event to get to know each other
  • Accessibility– in general, the space is accessible 24/7

Everything you need to know about being a member:

Are you interested in becoming a member at the LIT Open Innovation Center? Simply arrange a personal appointment with us by sending an e-mail to: oic(at)jku.at. As part of a tour, you will get a first-hand look at our co-working space and we are available to answer any questions you may have. Once you have expressed a formal interest, we will send you a rental contract for your workspace and the required registration documents. Alle wichtigen Infos zum Arbeiten im Open Space und am JKU Uni Campus erfährst du bei deinem As part of your onboarding session, you will learn everything you need to know about working in the Open Space and at the JKU.

After signing your lease and registering in our system, we will send in the required documents so you can get your personal JKU PartnerCard. This card provides you with 24/7 access to the LIT Open Innovation Center, even on weekends.

As a member, you can access the LIT Open Innovation Center and your workspace 24/7 during the week. Your JKU PartnerCard gives you access to open the main entrance door as well as the side entrance.

Our Service Desk is open Monday to Thursday between 9:00 AM to 3.00 PM and if you need anything, someone will be available at the desk. You can also reach us by sending an e-mail to oic(at)jku.at. Our team is available to help you with whatever you need, whether it's a small issue or a larger challenge.

Yes, all of the areas at the LIT Open Innovation Center are handicap accessible. The elevator is located on the left, just inside of the main entrance.

No, there is no set, predetermined period of commitment but you are asked to cancel 3 months in advance. If you plan to sign up for a minimum of one year, you will receive a discount in your monthly membership fee.

We believe in transparency so there are no hidden costs. We promise!

Your membership fee covers internet access, using our meeting rooms, and your personal cup of coffee. You may only be subject to additional costs if printing or purchasing drinks. You can pay for drinks directly at the fridge - payment is based on the honor system.

Everything you need to know about your workspace:

Each desk has permanent power and LAN connections; you have to bring your own monitor, laptop, or desktop PC. In addition to WiFi access, you will also have access to our internal room reservation system to book meeting rooms and seminar rooms.

You can furnish and decorate your desk as you wish, as long as it adheres to our Clean Desk Policy. Please discuss anything beyond that in terms of branding and visibility separately with us. You can have up to two secure flight cases to store confidential documents and/or personal items.

Each workspace has one or two "flight cases" that can be locked. You can store your valuables there, such like your laptop, as well as confidential documents. Lockers are also available for general use. They are located on the 1st floor at the LIT.

Canon copiers are available on the upper and lower floors at the OIC for printing, copying (black/white and color) and scanning. Your JKU PartnerCard allows you to use the copy machines

Of course you can use the LIT Open Innovation Center as a business address! Mailboxes are located at the Info Desk. Upon request, each company can gets its own mailbox. The university's in-house post office usually distributes mail daily at around 10:00 AM. You can even send mail by placing it in the "Outgoing Mail" box. Postage is charged internally via the company customer number.

Questions about working, holding meetings, and events:

Although the LIT Open Innovation Center is home to over 240 workspaces, thanks to the acoustics, it is a fairly quiet, pleasant to work in. The co-working space has phone boxes and small meeting rooms to take phone calls or hold online meetings. If you are planning a larger meeting, you can use one of our 12 meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people. You can book meeting rooms yourself and their use is included in your membership fee (on a fair-use principle).

Naturally you can! There are plenty of meeting rooms and lounge areas located throughout the co-working space. You can find coffee and any other dishes and utensils you need in all of the OIC's five kitchens.

A great way to meet other OIC members is to meet up in the kitchen and we have 5 of them at the LIT OIC! To communicate quicker, the Open Innovation Center has its own Discord server. We also organize regular networking events for members, such as the Community Morning, LIT Breakfast Briefing, and the Idea Hour.

There is a fully-equipped seminar room at the LIT Open Innovation Center that can accommodate 25 people. This room can be booked for external events but is subject to a fee. When used internal purposes, the "fair-use" principle applies here as well.

The OIC Forum is located at the heart of the co-working space and can accommodate up to 200 people. The Forum contains an integrated sound system for hand microphones, headsets, a streaming set-up, as well as a projector and speaker's podium. You can reserve the Forum at the Info Desk.

Other things you may be interested in:

Regardless of whether you want to park your bike or your car, there are plenty of parking spaces available on campus. The daily fee to park on campus is €2.40. If you would like to purchase a parking permit for longer-term use, parking permits range between €59 to €131 per semester, depending on your salary. Companies and institutes can purchase general parking permits that are not allocated to one individual person.

You can get to the JKU campus and the LIT Open Innovation Center easily using public transportation. Tram lines 1 and 2 end at the university. If you are heading to the JKU from the main train station, the trip takes about 25 minutes. There is also an additional express bus in the morning that takes about 15 minutes (from the train station to campus).

We love animals and be it a dog, cat, or a mouse, we think they're great! Unfortunately, however, animals are not permitted on campus and this also applies to the LIT Open Innovation Center.