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Packages for Start-Up Companies.

Are you thinking about launching a start-up company, or are you already in the entrepreneurial phase, or would you like to get your start-up off the ground? In this case, the LIT Open Innovation Center is the ideal setting! In collaboration with our partners, we offer a comprehensive range of services for those interested in entrepreneurship or launching an on-site start-up or spin-off company.

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What We Offer:

  • In cooperation with tech2b, the Ideate program, opens an external URL in a new window provides on-site support and free workspaces, workshops, and coaching sessions by experienced mentors in our network.
  • You can expect to share interesting experiences and innovative ideas with other entrepreneurs and experts in our community. Various networking events, such as our Idea Hour or Founders.Week, provide valuable input to support your start-up idea and develop it further.

  • We organize various events and opportunities to come together and interact, such as the Long Night of Start-Ups, LIT Breakfast Briefings and our Community Events, giving you an opportunity to pitch your ideas and meet interesting people in academia, science, and business.
  • At the LIT OIC, we not only involve start-up companies in research and education, we also encourage community participation.
  • There is no charge for you to attend OIC community events.

  • As a start-up, your company can take advantage of the city of Linz' start-up funding program in cooperation with the LIT OIC. Funding covers up to 50% of the fees for up to 3 workspaces or prototyping rooms.
  • The OIC's 15 meeting rooms are the perfect setting to hold important meetings with customers and partners. The rooms are available on a fair use principle and you can book them yourself.
  • As a member, you are eligible for discount when booking a seminar room and/or the OIC Forum.
„The OIC is an ideal space for our start-up to grow as the environment supports innovation and the community is extremely supportive.“
Dominic Koll and Daniel Höller of qapture
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Your Benefits:

  • We offer an attractive location right at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz
  • Getting your workspace is fast, straightforward, and easy.
  • Work at the JKU where dining services, stores, and banks are in walking distance.
  • As a member of the OIC, you also benefit from advantages and services offered at the JKU.

  • Onboarding services at the LIT OIC helps you to become better acquainted with the building, the community, and our business culture.
  • We regularly discuss common concerns, find suitable project partners, and facilitate access to the experts you're looking for.
  • You receive regular information regarding current research projects by the OIC members, the LIT Factory, and the Johannes Kepler University, for example through newsletter and by attending organized events.

  • We are happy to display your company's membership on our website - including your logo.
  • The same applies to our OIC Update and our social media channels.
  • We are proud of our members' projects, including yours, and would like to share this information with the world by, for example, publishing an interview on the JKU's website.

Would you like to be a part of it? Then contact me:

Valentina Schmelzer, MA

Partner and Project Management

Valentina Schmelzer, MA