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We are proud to showcase some of our former start-ups that launched at the LIT Open Innovation Center!

Start-Up and Spin-Off Companies (Born@OIC)


sendance, a spin-off company from the LIT Soft Materials Lab, focuses on developing structure-matched electronics. The first application is to seamlessly integrate pressure sensors into custom-made orthopedic aids to, for example, quickly and permanently ensure a prosthesis or an orthopedic shoe fits correctly.

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Using artificial intelligence and data-centric algorithms, we can tap into the enormous potential of unused data. The FiveSquare team uses this data to improve existing products and services, or develop entirely new products. Together with our customers, we develop solutions to increase product quality, reduce costs, and maximize long-term customer satisfaction. Founded in Linz, our company uses AI and machine learning to create quantifiable customer benefits, helping to position Europe as a pioneer in the field of AI.

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datavisyn is a software solutions developer supporting visual R&D data analysis at pharmaceutical companies. The solutions they provide aim to better target the drug discovery process and develop new drugs more efficiently. The innovative methods enable customers to tap the potential of their data collections to make better decisions. Prof. Dr. Marc Streit is one of the company's founders.

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Celantur develops automated pixelation (data anonymization) technology for images and videos, enabling companies and organizations to process and store images and video in a GDPR-compliant format.

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