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Business Partners

The LIT OIC is all about building connections in a straightforward, transparent way between academia, science, business, and the local community. This is where researchers and business leaders come together and work side-by-side.

Corporate Partners, Medium-Sized Companies, Start-Ups, and Spin-Off Companies at a Glance

The LIT OIC provides companies with open, creative and free spaces to come into contact with the academic/scientific community and engage in in-depth conversations and discussions, providing unique opportunities to initiate long-term partnerships in the area of research.

Corporate Partners

Dynatrace AG

Dynatrace is global market leader in software intelligence. Founded in Linz, Austria in 2005, we have grown from a small start-up company to one of the fastest growing SaaS companies on the planet. Our product – a multi-cloud observability solution – assists over 2,300 customers from around the world to accelerate their digital transformation by monitoring, optimizing and scaling any application in any cloud. This ultimately helps millions of people on a daily basis in areas such as banking transactions, while traveling, shopping, and in the healthcare sector.

Silicon Austria Labs Ltd.

Unfold the Future. Freedom for Innovation. Silicon Austria Labs (SAL) is Austria's top research center for electronics-based systems (EBS). The application-oriented center offers collaborative research at three locations - Graz, Linz and Villach - and in four future-oriented research areas: System Integration, Sensor Systems, RF Systems, and Power Electronics. In a network of science and industry, we conduct world-class research and lay the foundation for ground-breaking products and processes. SAL aims to increase Austria's international impact and visibility in the field of microelectronics and electronics-based systems and develop it into an attractive and leading location. SAL conducts research in key, enabling technologies to support edge computing in applications such as industrial IOT, autonomous vehicles and systems, smart devices, and smart homes.

voidsy Ltd.

voidsy Ltd. is a deep-tech start-up company created to develop, produce, and distribute a compact and smart-imaging system based on a non-destructive testing method called "Active Thermography". When it comes to voidsy's sensor system, the game-changer is a new, multi-dimensional reconstruction method that facilitates the first inline-capable thermographic tomography. In the future, this will help inspect and image components quickly and contactless as well as monitor production processes. This means a wide range of applications, such as quality inspection, can be conducted up to 80% faster and more cost-effectively than by using standard ultrasonic inspection methods.

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K1 Center Chemical Systems Engineering (CHASE)

Under the leadership of the Johannes Kepler University and part of the LIT Factory, the new K1 Competence Center CHASE (Chemical Systems Engineering) has locations in Linz and Vienna. As a unique center consisting of a consortium that includes over 20 internationally successful partners in industry and academia, CHASE is involved in projects that include the efficient use of plastic waste streams and developing new sensors to better control chemical plants. When it comes to improving sustainable industrial processes as well as a valuable contribution to safeguarding chemical and process technologies in Austria, our contributions are invaluable.

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NEXT GENERATION GROUP solutions continue to drive circular plastics value creation. The innovative technologies of the individual group members turn the waste products of customers from all over the world into new valuable raw materials again. While Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH builds customized mechanical plastics recycling machines, Next Generation Elements GmbH develops processes for chemical recycling using pyrolysis.

Driven by the mission "working for a better future", the Group has not only been one of the technological pioneers in the field of sustainable plastics recycling for years, but will continue to develop solutions to keep plastics in the loop even more efficiently in the future.

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K-Businesscom AG

K-Businesscom AG is Austria's leading ICT solution & service provider as well as digitization partner. BusinessCom combines innovative strength, certified technology expertise and industry expertise as a consultant and business engineer. In the DACH region, Romania and the Czech Republic, the company develops new end-to-end business models with its customers using connectivity, IoT platforms, individual AI applications and software applications. The Kapsch Cyber Defense Center ensures data protection. The digitalization partner supports its international customers in their cloud transformation journey as well as in the development of smart spaces and smart offices. The basis is its many years of experience as a market leader for network solutions, collaboration, data center infrastructure, security and managed services combined with the technologies of international manufacturers that include Cisco, Microsoft and HPE.

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RISC Software Ltd.

Established in 1992, Prof. Bruno Buchberger created RISC Software Ltd. to support business development by conducting research and development. Core competencies lie in the unique use of symbolic computing, mathematics and informatics as part of business areas to support logistics informatics, industrial software applications, medical informatics and the competence areas of data management and analytics to find and develop real-world software solutions. 80% of the company is owned by the Johannes Kepler University Linz while Upper Austrian Research Ltd (a leading research company in Upper Austria) owns 20%.

Software Competence Center Hagenberg Ltd.

The Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH (SCCH) is an application-oriented research institution focusing on AI-driven Software Systems and Engineering. As a COMET competence center, SCCH collaborates with numerous companies and scientific partners, bringing the latest research findings from the fields of software and data science to industry. Outside of COMET, SCCH is also active in other nationally and internationally funded research projects as well as commissioned projects by companies. SCCH places great importance on scientific networking with universities and research institutions. The location at the LIT OIC supports stronger cooperation with the company's main scientific/academic partner, the JKU.

Erema Ltd.

EREMA is a world leader in developing and producing plastics recycling machines and system components. Together with PURE LOOP, 3S, UMAC and PLASMAC, we form the EREMA Group. Started in 1983 as a pioneer in the industry, over 6000 of our systems are now in use around the world. Customers appreciate EREMA's degree of innovation, robustnessm and operational reliability.

voestalpine Stahl Ltd.

When it comes to high-quality steel strip, the Steel Division serves as an initial point-of-contact for major automotive manufacturers and worldwide suppliers. The company is also a major partner for European white goods and mechanical engineering industries. The Steel Division provides customized solutions to produce heavy plates for applications under extreme conditions in the energy sector, supports the oil & gas industry, and renewable energy generations.

Reqpool Ltd.

ReqPOOL is an independent consulting firm specializing in digitalization. As independent consultants for software strategy, software acquisition, and software innovation, ReqPOOL advises customers along the most important phases of their technological transformation. Our goal is the success of the companies' projects and the company itself. Together with the client, we define the software and find the best implementer to support a successful software project. The result of our hard work is software that contributes significantly and sustainably to business success and the success of our customers. Founded in Austria, the ReqPOOL Group has been advising companies both large and small in the entire DACH region with its subsidiaries, innovation concept GmbH, and IT Sparrow UG since 2001.

PÖTTINGER Landtechnik Ltd.

PÖTTINGER is a family-owned Austrian company specializing in grassland management, arable farming, and digital agricultural technology. What started out 150 years ago as a small craftsman's business has grown exponentially into an internationally successful agricultural technology company. The company has been the world's No. 1 leader in loader wagons for many years. PÖTTINGER develops dependable equipment and services tailored to meet its customers' needs.

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The Rico Group

The RICO GROUP is a global premium full-range supplier supporting individual elastomer and polymer projects. The injection molds and components are used in a wide variety of industries, such as medical technology, the automotive industry, and in the sanitary industry. The Group has four locations, creating an internationally powerful technological and production network.

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The motan-group

Based in Constance, the motan group was founded in 1947 and serves as leading provider to handle sustainable raw materials, operating in the fields of injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, and compounding. The application-orientated product range includes innovative, modular system solutions for storage, drying and crystallisation, conveying, dosing, and mixing raw materials for polymer manufacturing and processing industries. Production takes place at various production sites located in Germany, India, and China. motan-colortronic distribute their products and systems solutions regional centers. The company employs 540 people and has an approximate annual turnover of roughly € 132 million. motan can offer their customers the individually tailored solutions they need with true added value because their expansive network and proven expertise and experience.

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Net4ALL creates websites and online stores for start-ups companies, medium-sized companies, public institutions and government authorities. Services range from inception, creating the web design, and programming to technical support during operations. Net4ALL uses systems such as TYPO3, WordPress, and Shopware but also offers individual web application programming. The agency aims to ensure that companies are well marketed and acquire new customers by implementing online marketing (search engine optimization, social media marketing, and content marketing).

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Borealis is a leading global provider of breakthrough chemical and polyolefin solutions. The company has established itself as a trusted partner and global brand that continues to add value for its customers and partners by developing new approaches, technologies and products.Borealis believes in progress. That is why the company, with innovation centers in Austria, Finland and Sweden, continues to develop new applications and material solutions to address global challenges in climate, energy, nutrition, health, water and sanitation, waste and recycling solutions.


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Network Partners

tech2b Inkubator GmbH

Tech2b provides support services, assists, and accelerates the development of innovative technology-oriented start-up projects. Admission to the tech2b program (AplusB) helps develop business ideas in a structured and targeted way and implement them on the market. Tech2b offers support services ranging from strategic consulting and mentoring to providing infrastructure and an extensive network to financially support the implementation of research findings in new products, services and companies. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to us directly at the OIC!

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Economic Chamber of Upper Austria

The Economic Chamber and TIM offer entrepreneurs support and consultation services when drafting, planning and implementing (technological) projects from idea to implementation! We work in a practice-oriented, uncomplicated way, consider ourselves a "sparring partner" for courageous companies and have access to a broad technology, start-ups, funding, and an export network.


SCCH Strengthens Contact with the Academic Community


The JKU and Dynatrace Turn Austria into a Digitization Hotspot