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Start-Up Companies.

Interested in partnering with the JKU? The LIT OIC is ideal to partner with JKU researchers and companies. Together with our partners, such as tech2b, we provide support ranging from their idea to creating the start-up.

Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups

qapture Ltd.

The Linz-based start-up qapture's motto is "Virtualize Reality" and the goal is to focus is on holistically transition production facilities and factories' transfer assets from the analog world to the digital world. Using state-of-the-art laser scanning, along with the support of our robot dog, "Spot", we create identical "digital twins" of buildings and plants. We also focus on creating solutions for automatic object recognition, asset tagging, and digital inventory.

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Jobiqo Ltd.

Jobiqo is a leading job board provider using AI-driven matching technology to combine the advantages of a scalable software-as-a-service platform with the versatility of customized solutions. When it comes to online recruiting, we help publishers, local newspapers, educational institutions, and job board operators to achieve a new level of quality and professionalism. By serving over 100 customers in over 20 markets around the world, we are the worldwide leader of job board software.

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Plastic Innovation Ltd.

BE INNOVATION! Our passion is Injection Molding and Product Engineering is our business. We love to be able to provide support services. Plastic Innovation Ltd. offers innovative solutions in the field of polymer technology to revolutionize its customers' products. Based on the Plastic Innovation team's experience across different industries and value chains, the company is able to address and solve challenges through synergies and analogies in line with the zeitgeist of the times. One of the company's milestones during its young history was using special techniques in injection molding to create the first plastic bicycle frame.

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ACG Research Board Service Center Ltd.

To date, there has been little ongoing monitoring of corporate governance activities in Austria's capital market by a scientific institution and corporate management does not have access to any scientifically prepared documentation regarding current corporate governance practices. As a result, there is insufficient benchmarking of corporate governance practices at individual companies. The Board Service Center addresses this important gap in the Austrian market and provides valuable support to professionalize supervisory board activities.

United Micro

United Micro is a unique semiconductor start-up in the development of cellular IoT products and solutions. Founded in August 2022, the company is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, and has already established locations in Austria, Germany, China and the USA in just a few months. The core team consists of former wireless communication industry experts from international companies such as Infineon,Intel and Apple. With a focus on 3GPP protocol standards, United Micro researches and develops 5G chips for eMBB, RedCap and Massive IoT. The goal is to become a leading global chip manufacturer in the cellular IoT industry. The location in Linz was chosen due to the existing expertise in wireless communication and radio frequency (RF) technology, in order to benefit from the cooperation with the JKU, the SAL and industry experts, among others.

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Heading 365

Heading365 GmbH is a specialist in the development of aviation training software. Our employees, software developers, pilots and flight examiners, close important gaps in the training of future and active airline pilots with our applications. An application that simulates the behaviour of on-board computers of different aircraft models saves several hours of valuable full-flight simulator time and thus increases training quality and planning reliability.

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Network Partners

tech2b Inkubator Ltd.

Tech2b supports, assists, and expedites the development of innovative, technology-oriented start-up projects. Acceptance to the tech2b program (AplusB) helps develop business ideas in a more structured and targeted way and bring them on the market. Tech2b offers support services ranging from strategic consulting and mentoring, to providing infrastructure and an extensive network to provide financial support to implement research findings for new products, services and at companies. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk to us directly at the OIC!

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The Economic Chamber of Upper Austria

Entrepreneurs and start-up companies can take advantage of consultation and support services offered by the Economic Chamber and TIM to draft, plan, and implement (technology) projects starting with an idea to practice! We work in a practice-oriented, uncomplicated way and consider ourselves to be a a "sparring partner" for enterprising companies. Our network is broad, including technologies, entrepreneurial assistance, funding and export assistance.


Start-Up Partnerships to Drive Industrial Digitization

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Funding for Your Start-Up!