Use Our Space.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are currently no in-person, on-site events taking place at the LIT Open Innovation Center. However, we are happy to provide any information you may need in order to schedule events for later in the year.

External companies can book the OIC Forum and the OIC Seminar Room for different events. A price list is available upon request.

Make an Appointment or Book a Room

OIC Forum (224m²)

The "Forum" lies at the heart of the LIT Open Innovation Center and not just because of its central location in the building.

Equipped to hold up to 180 events a year, this space buzzes with modes of expression, discussion, and learning while simultaneously providing the ideal background to explore ´topics that include AI, Industry 4.0, robotics, and digitalization.

The unique, versatile space has already served as a host to one of Linz's legendary Sofar Sounds concerts. Bring your event to this space of the future!


  • Projector
  • Loud speakers
  • Lectern
  • Cinema seating
  • Option to live-stream events (hybrid events)

Capacity: Up to 200


OIC Seminar Room (57m²)

Work and thrive at one of Austria's most beautiful campuses! Housed in a modern, open space at the LIT Open Innovation Center, this room gives you the productive atmosphere you need to hold workshops, presentations, or team meetings.


  • Flip chart
  • Pinboards
  • Interactive screen

Capacity : 24

Ideation Space (12m²)

This bright, open space was designed to boost creative thinking processes. Crafted with a haptic experience in mind, this space lets you take a break from digital influences and cranks up the idea machine!


  • White board
  • Flip chart
  • Large selection of Post-Its
  • Creative building blocks
  • Writable surfaces

Capacity: 6