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Flagship Projects.

Impact Initiatives.

We believe that new forms of collaboration between science and the public will be necessary in the future. This is why the Open Innovation in Science Impact Lab at the JKU is focusing on society and its needs, addressing the major challenges as we pursue a desirable future ranging from the digital revolution to overcoming the climate crisis. Under the motto "The Future We Want!", the Lab has invited JKU scientists to submit projects at the crossroads of people and technology; projects that generate social benefits, are transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary in nature, and actively involve members of the public to be part of the research process. A high-profile jury has selected three projects that will launch during early part of Summer 2022:


How to Explain AI

Educational Intervention for the Public to Better Understand AI.

In collaboration with citizens, artists, and AI experts, the interactive project "How to Explain AI" aims to not only explore the public's understanding of AI but also examine the positive influence of new educational interventions in support of more understanding.


[Translate to Englisch:] Menschen vor Open Innovation Center ©Bekki Hoffmann

Open Social Innovation

How can social innovation work in Austria?

The idea behind Open Social Innovation is to involve a variety of stakeholders along the social innovation process, ranging from defining the challenges to be addressed and creating initial ideas to developing and testing prototypes and ultimately scaling a solution. The JKU Linz and Volkshilfe Upper Austria will launch a collaborative public competition to identify high-potential, innovative social ideas and subsequently pilot the selected ideas.


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A Virtual Escape for Cancer Patients

This project supports VR sessions that create a virtual, AI-supported, empathic and sympathetic connection between patients, giving them an opportunity to enjoy joint, barrier-free encounters as well as mutual support in a virtual space. It is a new form of interpersonal, socio-mental interaction and support, especially for those experiencing immense psychological stress and/or impaired mobility.

[Translate to Englisch:] LIT Open Innovation Center ©Bekki Hoffmann

Photos from the flagship projects' kick-off event

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