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DI (FH) Kathrin Meyer, MSc 

Kathrin Meyer graduated with a diploma in "Engineering for Computer-based Learning" and a master's degree in "Human-Centered Computing" from the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus. She has many years of diverse work experience in the fields of project management, consulting, knowledge communication, education and user experience on technology topics. She joined the LIT Robopsychology Lab in June 2019 as a scientific project member and is significantly involved in various research projects and science communication.

Participation in research projects

How to explain AIOrganizational project management, coordination of co-researchers, conception and facilitation of participatory and co-creative workshops, dissemination

DigitalWerkConcept and implementation of the seminar "Team Roboter - Competencies and methods for interdisciplinary cooperation using the example of robotics projects", development and realization of impulse lectures and workshops for and with school classes, supervision of semester projects of school classes

CoBot Studio: research into human-robot collaboration and communication in an industrial context through studies in a mixed reality environment. Organizational project management, partner coordination, study design and implementation, dissemination

She spoke about activities to promote AI literacy at scientific conferences such as the "Conference on Public Communication of Science and Technology", opens an external URL in a new window in Rotterdam in 2023 on "Communicating Artificial Intelligence (and the public myths about it) in an interactive exhibition" and the "Austrian Citizen Science Konferenz" in 2023 on „How to explain AI in an understandable way? Citizen scientists, AI experts and artists find answers together“.

She was engaged in all science communication events of the LIT Robopsychology Lab: the exhibitions at the Ars Electronica Festival "Robots Talking to Me" (2020) and "Demystify AI" (2021) as well as the Long Night of Research 2022. In numerous online and face-to-face lectures, she also communicated the research topics of the LIT Robopsychology Lab specifically to school classes.