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Laura Moradbakhti, MSc

Additional Information

Laura Moradbakhti received her BSc in Applied Psychology from Durham University in 2017 and her MSc in Social Cognition: Research and Applications from University College London (UCL) in September 2019. Her Master thesis: “Can Similarity to Anthropomorphised Avatars Influence People’s Economic Decision Making in the Ultimatum Game?” focused on the perception and punishment of avatars in an economic decision-making context.

Since February 2020 Laura is a Doctoral Candidate and works as a Research and Teaching Assistant at the LIT Robopsychology Lab. Her research interests include anthropomorphism, autonomous driving, social cognition and social robotics. Laura studies how robots and virtual agents are perceived and examines factors influencing anthropomorphism and trust. In particular, she is interested in the implementation of robots and virtual agents as financial advisors.