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LIT Robopsychology Lab
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Invited talk at TU Wien

Martina Mara talks at the interdisciplinary Doctoral College "Trust in Robots—Trusting Robots" at TU Wien.

Sujet von Trust in Robots - Trusting Robots: ein Roboter aus Holz auf einer Wiese

From September 2018 TU Wien has established an interdisciplinary Doctoral College (DC) on “Trust in Robots – Trusting Robots” to foster cutting-edge research in robotics and AI at the TU Wien. A series of lectures with speakers from various universities throughout Europe will explore the topic of "Trust in Robots" from all angles. Professor Martina Mara from LIT Robopsychology Lab represents the JKU Linz with her talk "Why we don't trust androids — and other insights from Robopsychology".