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LIT Robopsychology Lab
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For the exhibition development for the Ars Electronica Festival 2021, a number of people beyond our Lab team have supported us.

Exhibition Graphic Design: Laurenz Hintermayer

AI Forest:
Artistic Concept: Birke van Maartens
Stage Building: Leonie Haasler, Gabriel Vitel 
App Development & Game Design: JKU Visual Data Science Lab (Moritz Heckmann, Andreas Hinterreiter, Christina Humer, Marc Streit)
Graphic Design: Stefan Eibelwimmer 

Special Thanks to:
Christopher Lindinger
AI Forest: Mykologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Linz (Otto Stoik & Team)
Faces of AI: All students of the AI master course “Communicating AI”, winter term 2020

The LIT Robopsychology Lab:
Martina Mara, Christine Busch, Lisa Caligagan, Scharo Gaff, Benedikt Leichtmann, Judith Luckeneder, Nives Meloni, Kathrin Meyer, Laura Moradbakhti, Anna Katharina Paschmanns, Simon Schreibelmayr, Beatrice Schreibmaier, Sandra Maria Siedl