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LIT Robopsychology Lab
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The Research Team.

To ensure success of the "How Can We Explain AI" research project, incorporating a variety of perspectives proved essential. For this reason, alongside those at the LIT Robopsychology Lab, additional individuals also participated as co-researchers with citizen scientists, artists and AI experts.

Citizen Scientists

Those interested in AI and considered to be 'laymen' in the subject area have provided insight into society's perspectives and interests. Together we've generated corresponding questions about the way AI affects us on a daily basis.

Ute Brigola
Mathias Haingartner
Susanna Lagler
Benjamin Müller
Sara Rybak
Andreas Schredl
Cornelia Siedl
Gertraud Sobotka
Dorian Sperl


Gruppenfoto von 13 Personen Kathrin Meyer, Cornelia Siedl, Lara Bauer, Gertraud Sobotka, Ute Brigola, Mathias Haingartner, Andreas Schredl, Benjamin Müller, Susanna Lagler, Thomas Meneweger, Sara Rybak, Dorian Sperl, Patricia Stark


Artists representing a range of disciplines explored the topic from a different perspective and came up with new creative approaches as to how to convey knowledge for the intervention.

Emanuel Gollob
Elza Grimm
Benjamin Gumpenberger
Denise Hirtenfelder
Franz Huber
Helene Huemer
Monica Vlad

Gruppenfoto von 8 Personen Franz Huber, Denise Hirtenfelder, Elza Grimm, Helene Huemer, Monica Vlad, Thomas Meneweger, Emanuel Gollob, Kathrin Meyer

AI Experts

People working professionally with artificial intelligence shared their technical expertise and perspective as both developers and consumers of AI systems.

Magdalena Hader
Katharina Hoedt
Patrick Haidinger
Verena Stanzl


Gruppenbild mit sechs Personen in einem Seminarraum vor einer Tafel mit Notizkarten Patrick Haidinger, Kathrin Meyer, Magdalena Hader, Verena Stanzl, Katharina Hoedt, Thomas Meneweger

The Robopsychology Lab

Members at the Robopsychology Lab managed the project and provided support.

Kathrin Meyer, opens in new window, Organizational project management, coordinating the participatory processes, workshop management 
Thomas Meneweger, opens in new window, Workshop management, participative processes
Lara Bauer, opens in new window, Participatory processes, studies and data preparation support
Katharina Payreder, opens in new window, Study execution

Past team member: Benedikt Leichtmann, opens in new window


Team Support

Patricia Stark, coordinator for Open Innovation in Science at the JKU


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