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Vote Panel – The Future We Want.

Interactive discussion boards about the future,
we want to live in.

  • Project period: 2019 - 2020
  • Funding: LIT Artifact Call
  • Project Partners: LIT Robopsychology Lab (Lead), Otelo eGen

What future do we want? Where is the use of AI acceptable? Are intelligent machines allowed to care for us in old age? What is the ethical responsibility of technicians?

The Vote Panel – The Future We Want project aims to provide students and other interested parties with a holistic view of technological development by working with physical boards and by inviting them to reflect on potential ethical, social, psychological or legal implications without a normative fingertip. On selected questions and visions around our future with artificial intelligence and robotics (e.g. AI with feelings?, Which decisions do we leave to algorithms?, Trust in autonomous vehicles?), mobile display boards made of wood will be produced, which will serve as a starting point for open group discussions, dilemma debates and a perhaps quiet confrontation with personal points of view.

In the upper part of the board, large-scale visualized future scenarios, trigger questions and info texts introduce the respective topic. The lower part contains interactive technical elements. Light-emitting diodes installed in the board reflect in real time the results of voting on topic-specific questions and dilemmas. In order to make this possible, a web app will be developed via which discussants can participate in live polls via smartphones. Each board links to a thematically appropriate online poll with one or more short questions. Before a new group of people works with the boards, the illuminated displays are reset to default.

Interactive theme boards and an online voting tool stimulate discourse on various visions of the future of artificial intelligence.
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