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LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab
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About Us

Both in terms of supporting operational security and combating deliberate attacks, secure IT systems are essential in today's heavily connected societies. At the same time, the ever-increasing complexity of circuits and systems makes it increasingly difficult to guarantee the correctness of the resulting systems. These developments will become even more decisive for future fields of application.

The LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab addresses these challenges by combining the expertise of several JKU institutes across different fields. The resulting synergies allow to not only concentrate on a single aspect, but to take the entire lifecycle of secure and correct IT systems into account – from specification to implementation, use and finally decommissioning. In addition to current problems, the focus is on the challenges of the coming years and decades.

More precisely, we address challenges that arise

  • during design & implementation (Secure and Correct Systems Design), i.e., we address
    • secure and correct specification,
    • secure and correct software development, and
    • secure and correct hardware design,
  • during operation (Secure and Correct Systems Operations), i.e., covering
    • techniques for the operation of secure and correct systems, e.g., in the areas of execution and runtime as well as deployment and hardening,
    • identification, authentication and authorisation, and
    • decommissioning – often neglected, but indispensable for a holistic procedure, operation, maintenance and monitoring also with regard to newly emerging threats, and
  • with an interdisciplinary focus that goes beyond the previous topics
    • validation, verification and testing,
    • processes and legal questions (law),
    • case studies / use cases and users / consumers, and
    • corresponding requirements and threat models.
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