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Graduate School.

The graduate school offers a structured PhD program that extends beyond the JKU's standard PhD curricula requirements, focusing strongly on secure and correct systems and facilitating funded PhD positions for outstanding candidates.


As part of this four-year program, PhD candidates are generally employed at the LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab; the program is, however, also open to other PhD candidates.

Supervising Team

Right from the very start, a team is appointed to supervise PhD candidates and ensure the candidate has access to broad and well-available scientifc and academic support.


  • Proficiency Examination. This is the first official evaluation for the PhD candidate and his/her research plan (as summarized in an exposé and presented to public). After successful completion, the dissertation agreement wil be written up, signed, and submitted.
  • Mid-Term Evaluations. The PhD candidate is required to provide a brief report (status, interim results, additional plans, etc.).
  • Pre-Defense. Approximately one year before the candidate is scheduled to complete the program, the PhD candidate is required to hold a presentation to faculty about the current state of the dissertation. This "pre-defense" is an opportunity for both the candidate and the supervising team to ensure the candidate's work meets the school's expectations and assess the need for any additional improvement.
  • Submit the Dissertation for Review: The candidate is expected to officially submit his/her dissertation at the end of program for assessment and evaulation by two appointed evalutators.
  • Dissertation Presentation and Defense. Once the dissertation has been successfully assessed, the candidate is required to hold a presentation and defend his/her dissertation to an examination board. The defense is open to the public.

These steps are outlined in accordance with the JKU's curriculum for the doctorate degree program in Engineering Sciences, opens in new window.


PhD candidates are required to attend the joint seminar 'Secure and Correct Systems'. In addition to courses as outlined in the curricular for the Master's and Doctorate programs at the JKU, the Lab offers courses focusing specifically on the topic 'Research in Secure and Correct Systems'. The first supervisor and the PhD candidate will work together to determine which courses to attend.


Before submitting the dissertation as a whole, PhD candidates are expected to publish parts of their research findings for corresponding scientific conferences or in journals.

Study Abroad Programs

The Graduate School encourages - and will support - PhD candidates wishing to study abroad for several months at a fitting international research institution.


In accordance with the JKU's rules and regulations, PhD candidates can be involved in university-level education.


The Admission Process

PhD candidates funded by other sources than the graduate school are required to obtain approval by a first supervisor (one of the faculty members). Based on the first supervisor's recommendation, the lab management can admit the candidate to the graduate school.

Admission to a Funded PhD Opening

A funded PhD position at the LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab is comparable to a JKU predoc position. Candidates are required to apply for a published, open position. At the moment, funded positions have all been filled.