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LIT Secure and Correct Systems Lab
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Seminar in Networks and Security:
Cryptography and Security Infrastructures

Course Description

The seminar shall let students dive deeper into a topic related to cryptography or security in general. Contemporary “hot topics” will be offered at the beginning of the course to choose from, but topics of the student’s own suggestion related to the course are equally welcome.

Students will prepare a presentation of their chosen topic and give a lecture-like introduction to the audience. In addition, each student will prepare a written seminar thesis (around 5000 words) to be submitted by the end of the course.

Rough time-line of the course:

  1. Semester beginning (first class): detailed introduction of course rules and outline of the seminar
  2. first 2-3 weeks: topic choice period. Presentation topics are (excluding self-proposed topics sent in by email), assigend on a first-come first-served basis in Moodle. After the deadline for choosing the topics, there will be one class date for topic teasers: all students will give a 5min slot for a teaser presentation to show their topic in only 4 slides.
  3. Second half of the semester: student presentations (full length, but no more than 25min per presentation + 5min discussion)

The grading is based on the joint assessment of the presentation and the seminar thesis. To pass the course, you will need to reach a threshold of points on the presentation and the thesis (as submitted). Criteria for the grading are:

For the presentation:

  • Content (of the oral presentation and slides)

  • Slide design (consistency, images, etc.)

  • Presentation style

  • Duration (adherence to assigned time allocated)

For the seminar thesis:

  • Content (consistency, completeness, etc.)
  • Literature research (number and quality of references, etc.).
  • Writing Style
  • Design (illustrations, examples, etc.)

Further information about the scoring and and tips for seminar presentations and theses will be given upon the beginning of the course, and will be made available in Moodle.