Long Night of Writing.

Writing during the Silence of the Night.

Have you ever experienced 'reverse writer’s block', meaning instead of blanking out, everything in your head suddenly becomes clear and you experience an overflow of words and ideas? Whether you are in class or writing a major paper, academic writing is part of earning an academic degree.

The JKU would like to extend an invitation to students to attend the Long Night of Writing. Get valuable tips and advice to combat writer’s block and get your academic work done!

We can accommodate up to 160 students so be among the first to get there! It's first come, first served.


June 28, 2022,
6:00 PM - 6.00 AM


A night of inspiration awaits you, guaranteed to help make your writing flow!

June 28, 2022

Time Program
5.30 PM Doors open
6.00 PM - 6.00 AM The opportunity to write on-site at the Learning Center
6.00 PM - Midnight The library is open / advising services by the Austrian Student Union & plagiarism review
6.15 PM - 6.30 PM Opening remarks by Vice-Rector Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Stefan Koch
6.30 PM - 7.15 PM

Don't Let an Empty Screen Intimidate You! - Mag. Susanne Sametinger

Do you suffer from writer's block, procrastination or a feeling of just not knowing how to start an academic paper, an undergrad thesis, or a graduate thesis and get your thoughts down on paper? All of your classes and papers have gone so well before and this paper seems to be a bigger obstacle than the others. How can you best manage the flood of information? Where do you start? This workshop focuses on learning a structured approach and simple techniques help to overcome the fear of a blank screen and successfully write your paper.

7.30 PM - 8.00 PM Yoga - Ada Atzmüller / USI
8.10 PM - 8.55 PM

Writer's Block & Procrastination - Facing Your Inner Fears - Dr. Julia Zuber

"Of all the times, why do I have writer's block now? I’ve always been able to write! I’ll start tomorrow and it will be better by then!" Writer's block and procrastination are more common than you think and can often be an obstacle when it comes to the end spurt of your studies. This is an opportunity to talk more about writer’s block and what procrastination has to do with it. More importantly, we will talk about how to combat it and why the numbers 3 and 7 could be a (potential) solution.

9.10 PM - 9.40 PM Back Exercises - Join In!  Gudrun Huszar / USI
9.50 PM - 10.50 PM

Academic Writing - Paul Sloan

Where does academic writing come from, how did we get here? What writing will make my advisor happy? What do Beauty and the Beast and Face/Off have to do with academic writing? When can I use an ampersand, and is an interrobang really called an interrobang? How will I pass and graduate and make everyone proud of me? Which of these questions are worth answering? Two of them. Three, if you count the last one. This lecture is about who you are, what knowledge is or might be, and how we get on with doing good research work without the scandals, fiascos, and profiteering. You’ll learn something, I suppose. Bring snacks, it’ll be late.

11.00 PM - 11.30 PM Find Tranquility with Juggling - Inga Schäfer / USI
11.30 PM  - Midnight The Digital Library - A Brief Overview of the Library's Electronic Resources. - Berit Breiner / Main Campus Library
6.00 AM End of the Long Night of Writing