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Online Info Session for the Master's Degree Program in Leading Innovative Organizations on March 1, 2021, 6.00 - 8.00 PM

During an online info session via Zoom, Prof. Schüßler, LIO faculty members & the program management talked about the innovative Master's degree program LIO and answered questions.

After talking about topics as requested by participants, the info session continued in breakout rooms where participants had an opportunity to individually speak with one of our professors.

Are you able to envision just how digitization will impact both innovative start-up companies as well as firmly established companies? Can you apply your creativity to draw up solutions that can address social issues? The one-year Master’s degree program LIO provides you with expertise to build and lead successful, innovative and sustainable organizations.

The First LIO Touchdown and Take-off Event on October 2, 2020

We celebrated the first "LIO Touchdown and Take-off Event"!

The event was an opportunity to not only welcome a new cohort of LIO, opens an external URL in a new window graduate students, but also bid a fond farewell to the previous graduating class. This initial event was special for several reasons, including celebrating the new LIO Master's degree program which began just one year ago in July 2019. Due to the radically new course format and integrated, compact educational approach, the program was called a highly innovative experiment due to the fact that the program's cohort principle allowed students to complete a fully accredited Master's degree program in just one year. There is no comparable program in Austria to date. Despite the fundamentally new format - and innovation research has shown that new, radical concepts are often disadvantaged by the market - we were able to accept 18 diverse, highly motivated students to the first cohort. The students began the first pre-term of courses in July 2019. Several of these students have already submitted their Master's thesis, proving it is possible to complete a full graduate degree program in just two semesters and a summer school session.

This format was created in response to an increasing number of part-time students at the JKU's Business School. There are many students who already hold a part-time - or even full-time - job but still wish to complete a university degree while working. The program is an alternative to evening and weekend classes or distance learning approaches. We developed a program format to accommodate young professionals. Students are asked to take a year of educational leave from their respective jobs to focus solely on the one-year program at the JKU. We strongly believe the full student experience includes peer-based and experiential learning on campus and together with other students and as a university, we feel offering this is a crucial part of any educational experience. The LIO Master's degree program is, of course, not only open to professionals but to all driven and ambitious students from around the world and from different disciplinary backgrounds who want to learn about leadership and entrepreneurship, building innovative and change-oriented organizations, and managing creative teams in a digital economy.

Secondly, this first year of the LIO program was also unique because of the coronavirus pandemic. Suddenly, in March 2020, we had to move our on-site classes to remote learning. This was very challenging as a large part of the program features interactive experiences and discussion-based learning in the classroom. We have taken advantage of remote educational options to the fullest, creating new course formats, such as the award-winning "Organizing in Times of Crisis, opens an external URL in a new window" course as well as a virtual "entrepreneurial challenge" where students had to creatively grow a seed money budget of €10 (no cheating or illegal activities were permitted!) and narrate their entrepreneurial story as part of a YouTube video. Still, the pandemic has been tough for all of us as students are spending a lot of time in front of screens and a few have to find a balance between personal responsibilities and their studies. One student had to return home however, we still have been able to help our students cross the final finish line..

Thirdly, despite the pandemic, we were able to recruit an amazing new cohort of 15 LIO students. Some students, unfortunately, had to drop the program on short notice due to uncertainties in regard to travel and living in a foreign country during a global pandemic. The two cohorts were introduced to each other during our online Touchdown and Take-off Event. Despite the event being online, students were still able to become better acquainted during small discussions in the breakout rooms and could continue building their network virtually or in person in our LIO LinkedIn Alumni Club, for example. The event featured remarks by Program Director Prof. Elke Schüßler, the CEO of Netural, opens an external URL in a new window (one of LIO's company partners), Albert Ortig, and two graduating LIO students who spoke about their experience in the program. 

Some student messages included remarks such as: "The biggest impact during my LIO year has to be my colleagues: working with 18 people who have very versatile academic and professional backgrounds has helped me not only to acquire new perspectives, but constantly challenge myself" and "Leading an organization means much more than striving for performance and regularly checking and responding to key figures. It also means participating in a social ecosystem and continuously rethinking one's view of this ecosystem”. It seems that despite the pandemic, the first cohort of LIO students got the most out of the program. We wish them all the best!

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