„In regard to my professional development, LIO opened new horizons. Aside from new professional perspectives, LIO gave me access to a new, diverse network of people I would have never otherwise met.“
Marlene Welzl
Student, 2019/20 cohort
„The LIO program created an impression of a very up-to-date course, which dives deeply into today's relevant topics.“
Andrii Kryvenko
Student, 2020/21 cohort
„Mastering a musical instrument is not enough for being good at improvising together with your peers live on stage. LIO fosters your capacity to make decent decisions, even if an ever-changing environment surrounds you, your team or your organization.“
Daniel Gringer
Student, 2019/20 cohort

LIO as a career stepping stone to....

LIO program gathers many different people with diverse backgrounds. At some point, ones decide to challenge themselves and look for the job in the company, others open their own companies and some decide to pursue academic career path.

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