Club Night Digital „Marketing Meets Science“

Invitation to the 7th Club Night Digital - Marketing Meets Science

Retail, Gastro, Masks, Lockdown #2, Gifts and Black Friday - The Austrian consumer perspective in an extraordinary pre-Christmas time

In a double conference, Christoph Teller, Head of the Institute of Retailing, Sales and Marketing, and Ernst Gittenberger, Head of the Center of Retail and Consumer Research, offer empirical insights and outlooks for the (pre-) Christmas season 2020 which is unusual for retailers in Austria and hard to beat.

The results of a brand new, representative survey should critically examine the following questions:

• Are consumers “giving themselves” Christmas presents this year?
• What are the positive / negative effects of Lockdown # 2 on retail and trading?
• What role does “closed” gastronomy play for retail?
• How different is buying a gift with a mask?
• ... and does stationary retail have something to celebrate?

Afterwards you can and should take part in the discussion!

The team from the Institute of Retailing, Sales and Marketing and the Marketing Club Linz are looking forward to an exciting evening at the JKU - albeit via Zoom.


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24.11.2020, 18:00 - 22:00




Institute of Retailing, Sales and Marketing and the Marketing Club Linz